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Recent journal entries

Beached at last
April 17, 2014
13.4.14. You are absolutely right, Sally and Vince has now come round to your way of thinking. Yesterday he had half a guineapig. Crispy fried. He was extremely disappointed with the lack of meat on it. I had a massive portion of Lomo Saltado. Fortunately for Vince I couldn't eat it all. So he got most of my chips. Good job as, predictably, he...
Placed 3 days ago by Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince

Bus bother
April 13, 2014 - Ayacucho, Peru
Hi Graham - Cusco can be very expensive, yes. But we found somewhere cheap to stay and somewhere very cheap to eat. We stayed in Arrieros Hostel, just up the hill from San Blas church. Ask around for it or Google it. I have just put a review on Trip Advisor. One flight of steps down from the hostal and turn to the right is a cafe serving 2...
Placed 7 days ago by Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince

Just a quickie
April 9, 2014 - Cusco, Peru
As we are back in Cusco and the internet is fast. We totally recommend Cusco, Graham. You will love it. Not much not to like.   Alan - you had cocOa. We had coca. That O makes all the difference.   Meet me at the Fort: Not a sentence you hear every day. But that is what Vince said to me this morning, in Ollantytambo.  We were climbing around...
Placed 11 days ago by Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince

April 8, 2014
Coca tea doesn't really have any effect, Graham. Coca leaves do, if you chew enough of them. They give you energy, heightened awareness and, apparently, stop you feeling hungry. We went to the Coca Museum in La Paz. The indiginous (spelling -sorry) people used the leaves well, to give them the strength to work hard. Then the Yanks came along and...
Placed 12 days ago by Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince

Arno Bay S.A
April 4, 2014 - Cowell, Australia
Well we have finally left Port Gibbon on the Eyre Peninsula and arrived at Arno Bay two days ago. We are camping at the back of the pub here for a cost of $20 for three nights and with the $20 we get a $10 voucher back to spend any where in the town. So all up it cost only $10 for three nights here. The publican at the pub is very friendly and...
Placed 16 days ago by Fran and John in TOURING AUSTRALIA

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