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Recent journal entries

Heading West Again
August 3, 2017 - Carcassonne, France
We had always planned that Capestang would be our turnaround point this year.   We took several days to journey slowly from Narbonne to Capestang, and then once skipper had done his bus-and-train trick to pick up the car we were  able to do some exploring by car.   The highlight was definitely our day at the Abbey of Fontfroide. This former...
Placed 18 days ago by Anne in Cassandra Encore

June 22, 2017
As we left Carcassonne we became aware of the fact that we were sharing the canal with many coypus.   At the end of each day as the boats all moored and the water became still the coypus would start swimming.  They can swim quite fast and I must admit to some anxious moments as I saw one swimming swiftly toward a tiny duckling one evening.  ...
Placed 60 days ago by Anne in Cassandra Encore

Back to Uganda!
June 5, 2017 - Kampala, Uganda
June 5 2017   As I sit here on a plane to Uganda, I have to literally chuckle to myself as I replay the happenings of the past two weeks that got me here. God’s timing is certainly perfect, and I cannot wait to see what this next journey to the Pearl of Africa brings. After being there three times, for a total of 8 months, I have grown to...
Placed 70 days ago by Sarah in Seeking Glory--Sarah Elbing

Carcassonne 2017
June 6, 2017 - Carcassonne, France
We are now in Carcassonne again.   We have a favoured mooring spot between the lock by Marengo bridge and the SNCF lock and we were lucky enough to be allocated it once more.   Today is market day and so we nipped up to the market in the Bastide Saint-Louis which we found a bit lacklustre, though we did manage to find some tasty looking...
Placed 76 days ago by Anne in Cassandra Encore

Ma. 5 juni 2017 – van Carcassonne naar de Cévennes
June 5, 2017 - Lasalle, France
’s Morgens redelijk op tijd ontbijt en dan… op naar Carcassonne! De middeleeuwse cité is nog steeds imposant! We voelen ons meteen terug in de tijd van de ridders en de edelvrouwen. De wegen doorheen de cité zijn bezaaid met souvenirwinkeltjes, bars en restaurants; en het is hier goed bevolkt! Terwijl Pinkstermaandag elders in Frankrijk...
Placed 77 days ago by Bernard & Hilde in Naar Portugal heen en terug in 20 dagen!

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