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Wei Yong said: "We received the team line up righ
July 28, 2014
Wei Yong said: "We received the team line up right, Tan Long call the funeral home, let them come away and then look up the corpse of the deceased has no relatives and friends to inform them." Pandora Luo and pandora Wang Tong on a pandoracar, "Xiaotong go to dinner?" Wang Tong cold face and said: "Do not scream so affectionate." Young...
Placed today by Lilizhou in Lilizhou @ Fuzzy Travel

July 28 2014 Brisbane - A Final Word
July 28, 2014 - Brisbane, Australia
    Well, well, well; Burns was right when he said 'the best-laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft agley' and our plans to finish the journal before we left Paris have finally been rounded off. And what? Only eight months after our return. My daily diary recorded the main points of our trip and Margaret and I have used that to complete the...
Placed today by Max & Margaret in Oman Adventure and Europe 2013 Coliseum - Oakland Athletics
June 14, 2014 - Oakland, California, United States
  Although the Oakland Athletics baseball team, is one of the most historical and truly unique teams I’ve researched, their ballpark is unremarkable, at best! The A’s were one of eight charter teams of the American Baseball League founded in 1901. And many of the most recognizable names in baseball have been a part of the Athletics...
Placed today by DeBe & Kenneth in Touching All the Bases

Pandora Luo without thinking, said:
July 27, 2014
Pandora Luo without thinking, said: "There is no one hundred eighty, but most of them are foreign girl." Long Tan rolled his eyes: "You blew it, anyway, people die." Pandora Luo anxious, "you do pandora charms ot believe, I tell you, buddy back in Korea before yesterday, and stayed there for three months soak a Korean girl |." Two people in...
Placed yesterday by Lilizhou in Lilizhou @ Fuzzy Travel

Luxembourg and Germany
July 26, 2014
After a very enjoyable return trip to London when we managed to fit a lot in and to catch up with many friends (including Djokovic winning his quarter-final match at Wimbledon), we returned to Metz where the club had looked after Cassandra as promised: and headed off towards Luxembourg. We immediately noticed a culture change with everything...
Placed yesterday by Anne in Cassandra Encore 2014

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