Jan 3

January 3, 2013 - Miyajima, Japan

Miyajima Island visit to Itskushima Shrine, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan.


Have had an incredible day here. This morning we went to a beautiful island by ferry. It snowed but the sun was shining. This afternoon we visited he Peace memorial for where the first atom bomb was dropped. It was very moving...the determination of the Japanese people is admirable in so many ways. I have just had dinner in a traditional Japanese restaurant where tables were on matting on the floor and we had to remove our shoes etc. great food but ordering and what arrives is a bit of a mystery!
Tomorrow we catch the bullet train to a new city Kyoto. We will be there for 2 nights... The students have been great  - they have gone out with Mr Brown to karaoke! Apparently it's hugely popular here.
Mrs Townsend





Chunlei Li:
January 4, 2013
Really envy you guys enjoying the cool weather! At 3:30pm, the thermometer on my car showed the tempreture was 46℃!
Louise Fairbairn:
January 4, 2013
Looks like you are having heaps of fun. Our temp was 48 degrees yesterday, thankfully cool change overnight so only expecting in 30's today. Keep putting up pictures, nice to see where you have been.
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