Jan 9 First day of classes at Chusugi

January 9, 2013 - Tokyo, Japan


It's nearly 5pm on our first day of classes here at Chusugi.  We have all, both students and staff, been into a variety of classes doing lots of different things, but the common underlying thread is that we've all been having a great time together with our Chusugi counterparts.  A highlight would have to have been the cricket lesson in 5th period today (there are 6: 4 before lunch - no recess! - and two after lunch, followed by a kind of home group session and then after school club activities, most of which finish at six o'clock.

We were to have had a choice between kendo and cooking, but sadly it didn't work out.  So, almost everyone is in cooking with the Chusugi Home Economics teacher Mrs Kimura, having a lot of fun. Harrison & his buddy have gone home already, and Ryan is happily playing basketball with the guys he met yesterday. At the end of the session Coach & teacher Goto sensei said he'd like Ryan to stay on for much longer!

Ryan's cricket coaching went very well.  First we all introduced ourselves to the class, then Ryan explained the rudiments of the game.  Our teacher, Yuki sensei, then transfered everyone to a downstairs gymnasium and that's when the real fun began: we'll try to upload some of the pictures now before we have to go again.

Straight after school we had a meeting of just us Unities in our cosy little room near the staff room, to go over the arrangements for the highly anticipated excursion to Tokyo Disney and other questions about things like the luggage transfer back to Narita.  Maina and Mr Otsuka were very helpful with advice on the best way to get to the theme park, ably assisted by Mr Yamazaki, whose insights on the Mickey Mouse monorail were a big help.

Mrs Townsend went solo on a mission to the Post Office bank around the corner, to extract the homestay money from the maws of the ATM there and was hugely successful, returning triumphant with the requisite cash - much to everyone's relief!

Nearly time to farewell the students and their buddies for the day, and for us staff to join the Chusugi teachers at a special dinner tonight.                          Mrs Westermann


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