Jan 10 TOKYO DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 10, 2013 - Tokyo, Japan


We've just made it back after an amazing day at Tokyo Disney, with only 3 students waiting for their buddies to finish their after school activities & go home.  Today started with us all meeting up here at school, then at 9am we set off using the directions kindly sent to us by Veronica's buddy, the fabulous Maina Baba, who was one of the 36 Chusugi students who visited us last year.  It was fairly straightforward, apart from some reconstruction at Tokyo Station, resulting in quite a trek to get to the Keio line, followed by a delay one stop before we were due to get out at Maihama (the stop closest to the Disney Resort monorail loop), caused by an electrical fault.

Eventually we made it to the gate, where we discovered there was a special cheaper entrance price offer, so that once we exchanged our voucher for the tickets, Mrs Townsend was able to give each student back 1,000 yen for transport costs or shopping.  The weather was absolutely stunning - cool but sunny with mostly clear blue skies.  Once we located a cafe (well, an ice cream parlour, actually!) for all the bags to be stashed in a corner and the last group shot had been taken with the fantasy land castle in the background, the students were free to roam in groups, with the occasional check in with staff back at the ice cream parlour.

We'll let the students fill you on on all the rides and other activities - we'll just say in passing that the lunchtime parade was terrific.  The pictures can speak for themselves!

Mr Brown was great at the ticket office when we got off the monorail too early, negotiating us back on the monorail at no extra cost.  On the return trip home, many students proudly displayed the presents they had bought for family and friends (but, look out, Stacey Allen!  you are in for an unusual treat!!!)

Love to all, Mrs W & Mrs T



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Shane Snell:
January 11, 2013
Wow, what an awesome day you guys must have had! The pictures look terrific, and the ride home speaks for itself looking pretty spent (especially Mrs Townsend)!
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