Jan 15 - Last day at Chusugi & SNOW!!!

January 15, 2013 - Tokyo, Japan


Today is our last day at Chusugi - it's so sad to think we will soon be saying goodbye to all of our friends here.  All of the Chusugi staff and students have been so very friendly and always helpful while we have been here.  We will never forget their kindness to us.

Getting to school this morning was quite interesting for some of us.  Many busus simply didn't come, and in at least one case it meant standing in a line in the snow for one and a half hours before the bus finally came.  And yet, in spite of that, the beauty of the snow somehow made up for all of that.  It snowed all day yesterday in beautiful big fluffy flakes, all the more ironic when we heard that tomorrow's predicted temperature back home is meant to be 41 degrees!  Here today it is very sunny but cool, so we are hoping for fine weather when we go to Narita.

Just now the students were lucky enough to learn a bit about Shintoism and the Japanese creation myths from Mr Sato, who also took the group on a tour of a nearby Shinto shrine, together with Ms Oigawa (who will be leading the Chusugi visit to Unity this July) and Mr Brown.  This was followed by a bit of a snowball throwing, snow angels and rolling around in the snow in a park on the way back to the shrine: so exciting for students who have never experienced snow before!  Earlier in the day they joined in the last few classes, and now we are getting ready for the farewell party at 4pm.  Mr Brown will be singing a Japanese song and the rest of the group will sing a song together, possibly You've got a friend in me", expressing our stong sense of friendship with our Chusugi buddies.

- Mrs Westermann



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