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About us

We are a group of 11 students and 3 teachers from Unity College in Murray Bridge.  Not all of us live near the school: many of us have to travel an hour or more to get to school each day.  Our school is lucky enough to have a terrific sister school in Tokyo, Chuo University Suginami High School.  For over 10 years now, large groups of Chusugi students come to visit our school, and it's always a terrific time getting to know one another.  Last time we hosted over 30 students!

This trip will be the 5th time time we will go to visit Chusugi.  It will be really exciting to see what school is like in Tokyo, and we will also have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Japanese home life with our host families.

We are split into 3 "Buddy Groups" to make travelling safer while we are on the move.  Each of the 3 teachers has a group, and this is how we are split up:


Mrs Westermann, Kelly Webb, Sarah Webster, Veronica Haeusler & Tegan Arbon


Mr Brown, Jesse Allen, Harrison Fairbairn, Lindon Walker & Qiuyang Li.


Mrs Townsend, Ryan Altschwager, Emily Stringer & Nikki Snell


About our trip

Before we arrive in Tokyo we will have a week's sight seeing in other parts of Japan.  We touch down in Osaka at Kansai Airport, and after a quick visit to the stunning Osaka Castle we will make our way to Hiroshima.  At the airport we will be joined by former Chusugi student and Immanuel College Japanese assistant teacher Mr Ryo Sudo, who was a host brother to Jay Faulkner on the 2011 trip.  He is now studying at Chuo University but has kindly agreed to join us for the start of our trip.

Dawn the next day will find us catching the ferry to the nearby World Heritage listed Miyajima Island, where we will visit some of Japan's most significant religious sites. On our return to Hiroshima we will spend a quiet day in the Memorial Peace Park, where we will present our cranes to the museum staff, either Mr Fukushima or the curator Ms Wada.  We will be able to visit the Children's Memorial to Sadako, the little girl whose sad plight spread the tradition of folding the 1,000 cranes all over the world.

The next stop will be in our sister city Himeji, where we will again meet Mrs Hosoi, who helped us so much when we were exploring Himeji and its famous "White Heron" castle last trip.  This will be followed with some time in the former imperial capitals of Kyoto and Nara.

Then we will make our way up to Tokyo, with a stop in Hakone, the famous lake resort town, along the way.  To get there we will first get off the shinkansen bullet train in Mishima, a once well known stop along the old feudal Japan Tokaido Road.  Some of Mrs Westermann's friends will join us to go experience Mishima Taisha, a very old and significant shrine on the Tokaido Road.

Then at last we will arrive in Tokyo and head for our sister school, situated not far from Ogikubo Station.  The staff at our sister school, led by Mr Otsuka, have organised an exciting program again for us.  Two highlights will be the geisha experience in Asakusa and - of course - Tokyo Disney!

After we leave Tokyo we will have one last day in Narita, where we can visit one last important shrine and also spend time in the quaint replica feudal era museum village nearby, where we can dress up as samurai or feudal era aristocracy.  Much of our sight seeing is linked to feudal era Japan and the first Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa, so this will be a fitting place to spend our last day in Japan...

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