What is Fuzzy Travel?

In a nutshell: Fuzzy Travel is a web application with which you can keep an online digital travelogue, so that you can easily keep your friends, family and other interested folks up-to-date on your travel adventures abroad. Whether you're going on a holiday, going backpacking in Australia, traveling around the world, or doing an internship or study abroad: Fuzzy Travel is 100% free, has no limits, and is easy to use for everybody.

What can I do with a travel blog?

When you register, you'll get your own travel weblog at http://www.fuzzytravel.com/yourname/. With that, you can (among other things):

Your travel journal

Your weblog (or travel diary) is perhaps the most essential part of your travelogue. In your blog you can write down your latest adventures, travel plans, and random ponderings. You can format your entries as you like, and of course inserting your pictures is possible as well. To prevent you from losing your entire message - for example because of a far-far-away internet connection that goes down, - an automatic backup of your entry is made every 30 seconds while you're writing it. With the preview function you can see exactly what your journal entry will look like, before you've published it.

Your travel pictures

To get the folks at home even more jealous, you can place your digital snapshots on your personal travel site as well. At Fuzzy Travel there are no limits to the amount of pictures you can place online. Your pictures will be rescaled automatically to a website-friendly size, so you don't have to worry about that either. To keep some order in your uploaded pictures, you can categorize them in albums. Would you rather use Flickr for managing your photos? Then you can have your travel photos from there get imported to your travel weblog automatically.

Your travel videos

Most digital cameras and mobile phones have a video function nowadays. Some travelers even take a professional video camera with them. You can also publish all of your video material on Fuzzy Travel. Through a handy uploader you can easily edit your videos and place them online, so that your friends and family can get an even better impression of the places you've been. For the amount of videos you can upload, again: there are no limits.

Comments from your visitors

The visitors to your travelogue can leave comments to all the things you place online: the entries in your journal, your published pictures, and your uploaded videos. In this manner, it's really easy for them to respond to your latest adventures and to keep in touch with you. Your travelogue has an advanced spam protection, so that everything stays fun. In the member area, you can view and manage all your comments. You can also choose to receive a notification email whenever someone leaves a new comment, so that you'll know immediately.

Your interactive travel map

One of the most fun and handy pages of your travel blog is your interactive map. This map shows your travel route: you can see the "where and when" of your trip graphically, which distance you've already covered, and how many miles you still have to go. On top of that, the map provides an overview per location of your entries, pictures and videos from that location. Your entire travel map can also be exported to Google Earth, so that you can even view your trip in 3D! With the options for display you can control the appearance of your map: satellite images or not, the colors of your route, etcetera.

Automatic notification for your visitors

People who want to stay up-to-date on your adventures abroad can subscribe themselves to email notifications of your travel diary. As soon as you place a new message in your journal, they'll receive an email. Your travel weblog also has a web feed (RSS) of your latest messages, for the web feed users among your visitors. And are you a member of a network site such as Facebook? Then you can import your web feed there too, so that your friends network will see your latest stories immediately. In short, these automatic notifications are really useful for your readers, and the best part is that you don't have to do anything extra for it.

The appearance of your travelogue

In the member area you can manage the appearance of your travelogue. You can choose from several designs with which you can change the entire appearance of your travel blog immediately. To further personalize your site, you can also upload your own header image. Each page of your travel weblog contains a sidebar with information, such as an overview of your latest journal entries, your latest picture, etcetera. Through "drag & drop" you can compose your own sidebar and order it to your own liking.


Still not convinced of Fuzzy Travel's greatness? Here are some opinions of our travelers:

"Of all the dozens of sites I've looked at, Fuzzy Travel is in my opinion one of the very best in terms of functionality and design. I especially like how you've minimized the banner and other clutter so the focus is on the journal content. The ability to personalize the theme and the banner image is a really nice touch, and the member area is beautifully laid out, and far easier to use than other sites."
- Jeremy

"Just a note of thanks - I've been trawling the web for a good blog application. Yours is the only one that fits with what I want. And boy, am I picky!"
- Warren

"Fuzzy Travel Rocks! I met a lot of travelers on the road and Fuzzy Travel was way better than the blog service they were using."
- Mark

"Love your site. It has been a great way to keep in touch with friends and family and share with them the pics of my journey."
- Alison

"We wanted to let you know that we consider Fuzzytravel the best, user-oriented / -friendly website. It's just wonderful and easy to handle, both for the traveler and for family and friends at home!"
- Barbara

"My girlfriend and are going to be backpacking around Europe for 7 months and have just found Fuzzy Travel. It's easily the best travel blogging service we've found..."
- Henry

"I just want to say I love your blog service! I think it has the perfect combination of features. And thanks for keeping it free!"
- Anna

"I am doing a 6-month circle pacific tour and your site is perfect for keeping in touch with my friends. You guys and your site rock!"
- Mark

"I searched many travel blogs frantically right before leaving, and yours had the most complete list of what I was looking for!"
- Benjie and Rachel

"This is an awesome site. My family and friends are truly enjoying my postings! :)"
- Matt

"Thanks for this fantastic site. It's really cool and I got lots of nice comments of my friends. Well done"
- Steff