The Beginning of the Goodbyes

December 17, 2012 - Madrid, Spain

I am down to 5 days left in this beautiful country, and I am finding it so hard to begin to say goodbye to all of the wonderful people that I have met and close the door on the best four months of my life.  Last Thursday I had my last intercambio, every week I have been hanging out with this Madrileña named Beatriz.  We have gotten to know each other pretty well and always had a great time laughing away.  Sometimes things would just get lost in translation, but in the end we would both just end up cracking up.  I got to see and experience so much more of Madrid with her as my guide.

Today I had my last tutoring session with my 15 year old student.  He reminds me so much of Jarret, and at this point I basically consider him a brother.  If it was hard saying goodbye to him, it was even harder saying goodbye to his mom.  She is the sweetest lady ever.  One day, when I was heading to tutoring I accidentally got off one metro stop early.  I reasoned with myself that it was only one metro stop, so I could easily walk to their house from there.  I then proceeded to walk in the complete opposite direction as their house.  Thirty minutes later I was calling them apologizing for being late and trying to explain where I was.  I was so fluster and extremely lost.  It is very difficult to find your way without a map, or access to internet right in the palm of your hand like we have in the States.  Finally using a picture of a metro map I began to walk in the correct direction.  When I finally arrived, frustrated, exhausted, and sweating I felt so bad, but when Inma opened the door she immediately opened her arms to me and gave me a huge hug.  She wasn’t mad at all and then shared with me that she had a present for me.  I was thinking, wow here I am showing up 30 minutes late, and this lady says she has a present for me?  She then walked into the room holding a jar of peanut butter!  That was the best gift someone could give me….this country doesn’t have peanut butter as I have mentioned in an earlier blog….and peanut butter is a staple to my diet.  Today I exchanged emails with her and told her that if she is even in the states at all that she must let me know.  I am going to miss them and their dorm man.  He is also so great.  By this point in my adventure here I can understand Spanish very well, but I can never understand what this man is saying.  He always ends up laughing at me, but in a kind way, and is always so excited whenever he sees me.  Last week he called me a jamona.  When I didn’t understand he explained to me that since Spain is known for their ham (jamon) and how it is so great, the word jamona means a girl who is very kind and intelligent.  I will miss our conversations that in the end I never understand at all.

I then headed over to my advisor, Ana’s, house it say goodbye to a lot of the BC kids that are already done with their finals and are leaving.  It’s even hard saying goodbye to them, even when I know that I am going to see them in one short month back at BC.  But, things will never be like this again, and that is why, in a way it is a goodbye, and it is still hard to say.

I still have five more days, and a lot more goodbyes ahead of me, and some of hardest.  I swear by then end of this week all of Madrid will be booking flights to New York, because I have literally been inviting everyone to come for a visit.  Sorry mom, but we seriously could end up with a full house this summer with the way things are going so far!   Okay, I really need to stop procrastinating and go back to studying for my finals!  I will fill you in on how the rest of the goodbyes go later!

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Coach Kathy:
December 18, 2012
We can't wait to SEE you!! Good luck on your finals:) travel safe...HUGS Coach Kathy
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