New Medina

November 29, 2010 - Marrakesh, Morocco

Today, we left the old Medina to see the new Medina. Just like any city, there was public transportation, sidewalks, and buildings. I think one of the largest misconceptions that Americans have is that everywhere else in the world is SOOOOOO unindustrialized...which is false. Sure, Morocco is lesser developed than the states, but I wasn't taking bucket showers nor did I have to go to a well to get water. There is running hot water, cars, streets, street signs, etc. just like anywhere else.

In the New City, I saw the middle class, the working people. A lot of the poor people hang out in the Old City, because most of the tourists go there, and it is better begging grounds etc. In the New City, I felt as though I really met Morocco.

Women drove and some did not wear head wraps. It seems to me that wearing a wrap depends on one's interpretation of the Koran or their family's interpretation of the Koran, but the important thing is that women have a choice (well some do obviously) and some chose not to wear it. Also, I was told that Sharia Law is practiced here. Meaning there are harsh punishments for crimes, therefore, people usually do not commit crimes...what were people talking about when they said this place was not safe?! I'm not saying that crime doesn't occur here, but I am saying that one is less likely to steal if they know that their hand will be cut off.

We saw Jardin Majorelle. We were lucky, because the King was in Marrakesh today and so we got to see the city prepare for him. Everything was pretty serious, police everywhere. After the Garden, we found a taxi to take us to another Palace on the other side of town, but the taxi driver convinced us to pay a little more and he would take us to the Cascades in the mountains. We couldn't resist! So, off we went to the cascades! Breathtaking! Check out the photos!

On our way down from the mountains, I was quite. I didn't want to leave this place. I was having such a good time. I wanted to spend more time here. After we got dropped off in Djemma square...I decided to do another photo with the snakes, I have this new motto "Live without regret," and I wanted to hold the snakes as I was scared to do so before. Well, it didn't go as planned, I needed som assistance, but I did hold a smaller snake while crouching in front of a Cobra. I'm proud of myself, no regrets.

We walked the souks, ate, hung out in the hostel etc. One good thing about traveling especially in hostels is that you meet other young people your age traveling like you. I have met some very interesting people from interesting places, and it has been a joy to have had the opportunity to sit and talk with them.


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