Last Day in Morocco

November 30, 2010 - Marrakesh, Morocco

No although we were broke as two jokes, we decided to go out on a whim and buy last miute items that we REALLY wanted. Yes, we would be broke after our purchase, but at least we spent the money on things that we REALLY wanted and thought a lot about purchasing.

I wanted this bracelet that turns into a jewelry box. It is Berber which is from the indigenous people in Morocco. It was beautiful! However, I couldnt talk down the price from the shop owner. He wouldn't go lower, so I walked away to wirthdraw money and he followed me! I tried telling him that I didn't have the amount he was asking for, but I didn't want to tell him that I was walking to the ATM. Long story short, I got the bracelet for 11€ and my lip gloss...which for some reason he wanted to tak home to his wife. So, there went my Dew Kisses lip gloss! But I got what I wanted!

Lastly, we packed and boarded the bus back to the airport, taking last minute photos along the way. I loved Morocco! It was magestic!

If I learned anything, I learned to never believe what people tell you, always SEE for yourself and ask questions. You will be surprised, 9 times out of 10....people are COMPLETELY wrong.

I left realizing that Islam is about peace and love. The people greet one another in love. I learned that the women do have a choice to wear the wrap, and just like Christianity, the newer generation within the religion are less orthodox. We are not as different as we would like to think. Even young people within Islam are evolving out of traditional customs just as Christians are in my experience. They dress like you and I, wearing the same designers. They want to hang out with their friends like me.

I can honestly say that women are maginalized here, but I cannot say that they are oppressed. Gender roles are clearly defined, but I also saw women in banking, working at the air port, some without head dress, etc. That tells me that women at least still have options. That's not to say they dont have a ways to go, as they are still not permitted into bars, but I will say that it was not as harsh of marginalization as I thought.


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