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September 5, 2014 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Today, we woke up early to go on a safari! Most images displayed of Africa in general are scenes of huts, animals, hungry children. I have not experienced this Africa. Instead, I've experienced a city just like any major city with luxury cars, restuarants, chic hangout spots, etc. However, today...we are off to see a different side of the country!

We pulled into a red dirt park, the lion and hippo park. We drove to the back of the park where we had lunch. Immediately, I noticed the stares. My group was primarily made up of people of African descent with one Grecian tour guide. The white patroners there seemed shocked by our presence. Although the apartheid ended, there are clear racial and economic divides in the city. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of black South Africans who have been able to cross those divides. Thus, they are often not expected to be in like places. It almost felt like America in the 1970s; the civil rights movement was won but racial and economic disparities persisted. Further, there was a tension between groups of difference races and classes. That is what I felt in Johannesburg.

After lunch, we set off for the safari! First stop, lion cubs. For 30 rands, we PAID to go into a cage with 2 lion cubs about the size of a a german sheppard and pit bull. Although their were babies, they could do som SERIOUS damage. I was scared, but I knew that if I did not do this, I would have regretted it. So, I jumped in the cage! There were several of us and two of them, so I felt a little better. It took me a while to calm down, but I finally did and was so glad that I did. I faced my fears and like Daniel, one of my favorites in the Bible, went into the lion's den. After that experience, we fed the giraffes. They were beautiful tall creatures who seemed peaceful and loving. I love being around nature, because it reminds of me God.

When we got back to the resort, we had a mixer with the other club members. One of the reasons that I love World Ventures and Dreamtrips is that I meet like-minded people to vacation with. My friend and I rented a car with 3 other club members we did not know before arriving. We had a blast doing so! It's like being in a travel sorority. At the mixer, our Dreamtrip host surprised my best friend with a birthday cake! I was super excited about that, because I wanted to make sure that she had a good time on her birthday weekend. I'm glad that she got her own cake. Since I was the on to travel the farthest to get to South Africa, I got a bottle of Grecian liquor. On my first Dreamtrip, I brought back a bottle of wine. Now, on my second Dreamtrip, I won a bottle of liquor. Is this a new tradition?

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