Boats, Lamb, & Ostrich

September 6, 2014 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Today, we got up early and took a boat cruise on the river near the Vaal Dam. I love being on the water! It is so relaxing and soothing. We danced, sang, and ate. The food was delicious! In South Africa, the primary dish is meat not a lot of fruits and vegetables lol. We eat a lot of meat here lol.

After the boat ride, we headed back to Johannesburg for a night on the town. We went to Moyo's. Thre was a lot of excellent food! We had a party platter appetizer, and I had ostrich salad and a lamb dish. It was delicious! We listened to the live band as we ate our candle light dinners. I even jumped on the stage to dance a bit. But the best part of the night was the birthday song! For Alante's birthday, the staff sung this song with drums and lots of soul. It was amazing! Applebees who??!! LOL

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