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I began traveling internationally as a rising senior in high school. My first trip was to San Andres, Panama or Chiriqui, Panama. I fell in love with the country and my host family. The experience allowed me to meet my new found love, travel. I have not stopped since. I am always looking for an opportunity to go abroad. I typically travel to at least one country a year and each experience is unique. 16 countries and counting!

Just Me2!Fall 2010, I studied abroad in Spain. Prior to departing, one of my summer frat housemates encouraged me to blog my experience, as she had while studying in London. Sidebar...I should write about my summer experience of living in a frat with 20 other college students like myself working at internships over the summer, but I would rather keep this clean...Back on topic... I liked the idea and decided to blog my international experiences. Essentially, I carry you in my suitcase and allow you to travel with me. I share my experiences, what I saw, how it made me feel, questions that I found myself asking, etc. You get to live vicariously through me. However, this blog is not entirely about all of you. It is also for me to recount my experiences and how they made me feel.

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About my trip

JLAAA!People often ask me, "How are you able to afford to travel so much?" The short answer is that I find inexpensive ways to travel. In college, I fundraised, saved money, asked for sponsorship, and applied for funding. As a young professional, I joined a travel club that allows me to take 4 and 5 star vacations at 2 and 3 star prices. Click the link to learn more ().I really should be studying....

The second question people often ask is, "Who do you go with on these trips?" Below are some programs I participated in that allowed me to travel abroad.

Panama- American Field Service (AFS), Czech Republic- I traveled to the Czech to be in my cousin's wedding. Mexico- Model United Nations Conference, China- Congressional Youth Leaders Council (CYLC) hosted the Global Youth Leaders Summit (GYLS), London- Missions trip with London City Missions, Peru- Alternative Spring Break project with Peru 109, Spain- PRESCHO, Guatemala- Guatemalan Project, United Arab Emirates- Insight Dubai Conference, and World Ventures

*All the programs are googleable.


Visited countries

Barbados, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom. (17 countries, 8%)

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