March 12, 2007 - Bali, Indonesia

Well I have arrived safely In Denpassar. I've had a god awful day, hardly any sleep on the midnight flight. The taxi driver
couldn't find my acommodation after more than 30 mins driving around Ubud, he tried to find me somewhere else to stay, then tried to hit on me "i love you' etc etc. Don't ask me why but, in my delirious state I started asking him about the prostitutes on the streets of Denpassar .... and I asked how much they got pay and he got so the wrong idea!! Lesson learnt...k? He even got out of the taxi and sat on the balcony of my accomodation....I got out of that place quick smart, but then I got dropped me off on some road I had no idea whereand had to walk around for ages trying to find somewhere else to stay.
Found nice little balinese style place- no flushing toliet and no toilet paper! God I have a lot to learn! he he
Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but doin my best to keep a smile on my face! Ubud is lovely, and the people are generally very friendly, plus I feel pretty safe here.

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