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January 26, 2019 - Phuket, Thailand

Flying Capetown to Dubai four chairs, four pillows and four blankies each....sweet, a bit more sleep than usual for a long flight. We arrived in Phuket to a warm wash of humidity around 1am, just as well it wasn't midday! The mini taxi ride through busy and noisy streets another assault on the senses. Amped up tuc tuc taxis pumping out  vibes. Endless scooters and vehicles of all sorts weaving in and out.

Thailand's streets are strung together with tangles of black wiring. There's barely a view without electricity lines, scooters or tuc tucs. My favourite sightings are the food carts attached to motor bikes and family outings on scooters. Food carts serve from the pavement or weave  through the traffic. Family scooters ride five up sometimes, mum, dad and children in between or standing at the handle bars. No helmets of course!

Walking from our hotel to Patong beach was hair raising at times. Crossing the road was a challenge, would the traffic actually stop? There is often no pavement  or shoulder to pass by on. Cars and pedestrians all compete for the space. Miraculously it all works out, even with cell phones in hand! Scooters often travel one handed as all manner of goods are transported.

Patong is busy all the time. By day the beach is full of umbrellas loungers, sand and sun lovers. They even have a smoking section! You can jet ski, parasail into the sea, take a tube ride ...all manner of activities for those with deep pockets.

By night we caught the free shuttle to Patong Beach, a converted hop on hop off one stop bakkie. This was party town!  A serious sensory overload down Thanon Bangla road. It's good to know when NOT to look!  What's with the Ping pong shows?! I saw little enough to guess, a few choice  "F" words so bold and big I wished I could unsee. Menus with many options are shoved in your face all the time, but you learn quick when not to look. Bars boom so long as there are girls on the counter dancing from poles, lots of lights and live music.  The music pumps from all sides, lights flash, now that's a sensory mind blowing overload of note!

Up the road from Sunset beach hotel was a more laid back food bazaar. There we enjoyed nice vibes and the best food yet!  Our hotel was on the beach front but the non swimming section with a busy road to traverse.  We had perfect sunsets and nothing a good set of ear plugs  and the white noise of an aircon couldnt fix.

We did the James Bond Island tour, glad to have done it but rather a cattle show, thousands of people herded through every day. Abysmal tour guiding we thought! Don't set your mind on the pamphlet images, the experience involves a fair amount of unpleasant endurance!

A great first stay, now we are in the groove! Patong was a great experience rounded off with the first tuc tuc ride to Kata beach.


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