Keetmanshoop to Aus

February 28, 2011 - Lüderitz, Namibia

Quiver Tree Rest Camp outside Keetmanshoop may be remembered more because of it’s bugs for me than it’s Quiver trees! Never in my life have I seen such an invasion. Giant beetles, crickets, grasshoppers and of course millions of mosquitoes. The mosquito’s rose like a black mist every time you lifted something from a dark corner in the caravan.

 We had an interesting second night, bug invasion of note and then a wind storm out of nowhere. I was sitting outside trying to blog but I had to give up between the bugs and the wind/sand storm it was impossible. Things on the table in my peripheral vision were moving around, like gem squash, sun screen bottles etc.  as the bugs bulldozed their path through. Then there was the constant traffic underfoot so the feet were raised, one huge curly tailed scorpion crawled past too. Washing up at their kitchen sink was also interesting, you were constantly bombarded with grasshoppers and other bugs or they did doggie paddle in amongst the dishes! Then the wind storm came, it had been so hot and calm that George and I had not bothered to tie down so well. Again we raced around pinning down the awning whilst the chairs and stuff flew around.

Quiver Tree Rest Camp otherwise was lovely, we had our own bathroom which was great and there were few people around. They did have a good natural concentration of quiver trees and they also had a few cheetahs in captivity which they fed in the evening. Entrance to the camp gives you access to seeing the cheetah’s as well as going to a place called “Giants Playground”.  Giant’s Playground is supposed to have these huge boulders but George and I never did really see what the big deal was because we got lost the signage was so bad.

Then we pushed on to Aus and stayed at the next camp “Klein Aus Vista”, we camped there for two nights. The first night we could not find our way to the bathroom and had to ask directions from some lady enjoying the stars in the dark! Thank goodness we kept our torches near because there was only solar powered lighting in the bathroom and it went off whilst we were showering it was pitch black!  

The major attraction here is stuff to do with WW1 and the wild feral horses. There are a few theories for their existence but the main one is that the Germans bombed the allies and the horses scattered and have roamed wild since. We saw them about 20kms out of Aus – the Garab wild horses, they were right along the road side and there was a natural water hole where they were playing and rolling. Unfortunately we missed some great shots as we were not sure we could get close.

Later we pushed on to Luderitz on the coast. See pics above.




Bugs Quiver Tree Camp
Cheetah at Quiver Tree Camp
Cheetahs at Quiver Tree Camp
Quiver Tree Forest 1 (2)


brigitte parfitt:
February 28, 2011
Hi Alice and George, Oh my goodness, the sandstorm and the blackout in the shower one can survive but I would have drawn a line at all the chochas (spelling?) and in masses like an invasion nogall! I think I would have taken the next flight (or giant grasshopper) home. Glad to hear, though, that you survived the invasion, the sandstorm and the blackout. It can only get better from here, hey?! Love and till your next stop. Brigitte
February 28, 2011
As i have said so many times.......The wind never blows at Theewaters...haha. George i hope the sand didnt get into your Red Heart rum :-) Well it certainly sounds like you are having quite an experience. Enjoy. Love Lesley and Paul.
February 28, 2011
I hate bugs!!!!!!!!- sarah
Moira Richards:
March 1, 2011
didn't think buggy creatures would bother you? Ruth would have hd us all educated re genus family life cycle, friends and foes before the time was up, they really can be very beautiful and interesting if you take the time to look and not squash, pity you missed Giants Playground, it really is rather fascinating but you can't do everything, leave something for next time. you will both be so experienced and travel wise by the time another 11months have passed, a book will need to be written!continue to have lots of fun together it is great to read your stories.Love Moi
March 2, 2011
Buggy creatures don't bother me so much, they are just rather annoying when they become like a plague! Yes there were some real beauts and wish I had been able to run after them and macro them but they would not sit still long enough and it was too dark when they are really busy. Don't worry did not squash beetles but Mozzies got the full zap bat treatment and spray. Hope all good with you Moira lots love alice x
March 2, 2011
Love the horses. My cousin recently went on a trip to photograph them - she's a photographer. She got some lovely pics.
Herman Grobler:
March 4, 2011
Would have loved to see the horses. remind me of Spirit - Arian's dvd about a wild horse. have good weekend.
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