March 2, 2011 - Lüderitz, Namibia

 First stop in Luderitz was the coffee shop which beckons you as you drive in, the highlight of my day!  I downloaded mail, looked at comments on the blog and savoured a latte. So great to hear your news, please give us more the rest of you - a line or two about you on the blog or by e mail.

We visited the Ghost town Kolmanskuppe taking a Canadian couple with us since they had been stranded in Luderitz for the weekend without transport. That was an interesting tour, they sure lived it up but had it hard too!

Next stop was a camp site. Dias Point, very rustic. The many lazy flies crawling all over us made it unbearable so we went back to Luderitz to the Shark Island site – no flies, a bit run down but electricity and a signal! George got news of the local yacht club for rugby so we had a fine time with the locals.  Our new friends got an education in rugby and we all had a couple of free rounds of Jaegermaster from some enthusiastic locals.

We took Jack and Marilyn on a tour of the coast the next day and ended with the full SA experience of a braai which they loved. The blankets and jackets had to be brought out as Shark Island is windy and cold, they were amazed to experience that after such heat more inland.

Next day we pushed on exchanging contact details with our new friends, who knows maybe we house swop sometime – they live in a great ski area! Driving through the desert back to Aus there was a wind storm, the sky was a brown haze with the sand sucked up. I jumped out to fix the caravan flap and was engulfed in this hot, hot howling wind. Landscapes change dramatically here, in a few hours we found our way to Koiimasis Ranch camp site, way off the beaten track through green grassy meadows and the mountains.






Church in Luderitz
Kratzplatz Bed and Breakfast
Coffee shop Luderitz


March 2, 2011
Wow what interesting pics! I like the painted houses in Luderitz! And the ghost town. What stories those old walls must be able to tell. So typical of life really - good times and bad. Glad you met those Canadians - on a trip like this company is great! Be safe and enjoy! Beaut weather in Cape Town yesterday and today - hot but not windy!
March 2, 2011
Love the pics of the houses. So hot hot here too! Ran up to Rhodes Mem last night via Mosterts Mill & the steps/trail path. View was stunning but still +30 degrees at 7pm! Hectically getting Jason organised for the Grape Escape starting on Friday. Take care
brigitte parfitt:
March 2, 2011
Oh my, I so envy you. I always wanted to see the ghost town and let my imagination run wild. What does this town feel like? What people lived there?
Is there any historical reference to this place? I guess I have to get to google it (which I am getting better at). We survive a C.T. Heatwave with
38 degress yesterday. Even the pool is tepid. Roy is doing o.k.; good days - not so good days. I am into my studies and prepare for an assignment where I had to have a session with a psychologist and have to write the assignment now from a client's perspective. I love my tuesday mornings at College. By the way Viv Senegal is our new librarian there. Small world, hey? Enjoy your travels and the meeting of new people. Wish I was there!!! Love to you, Brigitte
March 2, 2011
Hi Guys,

You are obviously having a great time!!! It looks stunning and I can just imagine the heat. You must take it easy, there is still a long road ahead and we want to see you fit and healthy when you get back.

Love and miss you
March 2, 2011
HI Alice & George. Good to hear from you again. love the blog, It realy is a good idea. It keeps us up to date with what you are doing and where you are. The ghost houses and painted houses are wonderful, would love to visit one day, lovely pictures.We're up to JHB for nearly 2 weeks tomorrow, Looking after grand children, whilest their parents travel Spain & Portugal for fun. Have fun yourselfs. Hope to see you soon. love Jacqui
March 3, 2011
Thanks for giving us your news! Great to know more about your lives. Brigitte-they found it cheaper to bath in soda water, they had an ice factory and were delivered each day a block of ice and water. Fresh water came from CT by Ox wagon.They had a soda making machine. They had bowling alley, a great big hall for functions and people came from all over internationally to perform. There was one dad with 2 teenage daughters and since that place had too many men he sent them everywhere with a big dog. They had a hospital with an x-ray machine and the doc insisted on a glass of wine a day. They had a butchery, bakery and smoking machine for German sausages. There was a great big sea water pool with a diving board. They lived it up. There were 300 German residents - 1908'ish. They had to hunt for diamonds on their bellies wearing a band around their mouthes stop them swallowing diamonds. Later the x ray machine came in handy for scanning them. They looked for diamonds night and day, the moon was good for reflecting the stones. That is all I remember, feel free to add what you know!

Great to hear from you too Annie, Jacqui, Rene and Ellie. Lots love to you all from us xx
Heather & Dave:
March 3, 2011
Hi There,

I was so interested to see your photos of Kolmanskuuppe. I remember going there as a teenager. We had to go down on our hands & knees to get into the houses as the sand was half way up the buildings. Fascinating to see a different perspective & how well the buildings have stood the harsh environment. Take care & enjoy.
Herman Grobler:
March 4, 2011
Hi there, sounds like real adventure. this side no news. torn my hamstring yesterday so I am on crutches. Would love some jaegermeister right now! enjoy the landscapes and tresure the hear-and-now.
March 4, 2011
Looks like you are having a great time - good pics - just back from Fuerteventura - keep well - speak soon
Ellie and Ian:
March 6, 2011
All very fascinating----following with tremondous interst as we havent been near there and alwasy wanted to see Luderutz we only went as far sa Schartzkopmond(sp)loved SWA although so much desert but lots fo history----we were on a birding excursion. The way you are doing it will be far more interesting and you sure are meeting some rare people !! Havent heard from MUM but we will catch up in USA when she goes to Clare as we will be leaving the same day 24th March. All getting a bit hectic . Had Jackie Cowap for the day ----she had just finifshed in Luanda and now on her way to to Japan. Such a bright interesting and clever girl being an oil scientist whatever. I think she is getting a bit tired of traveling having been Norway russia africa siberia ---you name it she is very sort after---and so modest. Quite a few Zimbos down ans they still seem to be in the air as to what si happening especially with other things goign on in N Africa---Muggers friend in Libya seems to be in serious trouble. Arent you lucky to beaway from it all. Carry on enjoying yourself while you can--thanks fro all the info and lots of love to you both
Andre B:
March 7, 2011
You guys have inspired me to start the dream of travelling up africa all over again. I definitely will be doing some long term plannnig after reading about your adventures and its only just started. You seem to be having a whale of a time. Thanks for the updates.
March 14, 2011
We are back from the north and couldnt wait to read your travelling reports. I am so impresed with your experience and adventures. You must enyou every second of it. Thanks for the updates.
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