Koiimasis to Maltahohe to Sossusvlei

March 6, 2011 - Lüderitz, Namibia

Only 3800 kms into our journey of about 30 000kms!

Heading from Aus towards Sossusvlei we pulled in at Koiimasis - an exclusive ranch with a lodge and campsite. We stayed two nights, George spent one day doing maintenance – the generator, the cupboards....so much for a 4x4 caravan! The campsite was lovely and another interesting experience, we had to compete with three fly ridden horses and a Labrador for our site’s enclosure and shade! One horse tried to munch my cell phone and dropped it on the rocks so I have the scratches to remember him by.

We were supposed to be heading for Sossusvlei but the petrol station’s pump did not work at Beta so we had to head for the next closest one at Maltahohe after popping in to see Duwisib Desert Castle. The roads are very washed away in places with signs saying “serious wash-aways” or giving no warning. We drove through lots of mud and felt a little worried with almost low range driving on very limited petrol.

First stop in Maltahohe was the petrol station and there was a sign for good coffee so of course I headed there. From ceiling to floor the shop is filled with writing all over the walls of all the travellers that have come through. It was very stormy when we arrived, lucky we found a campsite with a covering over our caravan. We headed for the local hotel that had been recommended by our friendly camp owner. What an wonderful evening we had, lovely people and great cuisine! In Maltahohe they celebrate two Fests, the October Beer Fest and then there is another – the Lily Fest. Apparently Maltahohe is the only place in the world where after the first rains all these fields of lilies come out for a few days. The locals call the month of August “Black August” since the Italians arrive and there is a high death toll, they drive on dirt roads like they do on snow!

We arrived at Sossusvlei mid day heat 43 degrees, hat was trying...especially since the manager communicated very badly and really gave us the run around!  Sossusvlei has the highest dunes in the world and of course their red fine sand make them very unique. Next morning we set off at 6am when the gates open, you have to drive for almost an hour to get to Sossusvlei. We climbed a dune there and had an awesome morning seeing also the Dead vlei, fascinating! You will see from the pics that Sossusvlei was full of water – a rare thing, about once in twenty years! There was also a lot of green grass and flowers in places. We did the sundowner drive too, this time only as far as the famous dune 45, that is 45kms from camp.  One night after a stormy evening, I went outside late and everywhere was the strong fragrance of lilies or some kind of flower, it was surreal. What a wonderful experience Sossusvlei was!




Viewpoint Koiimasis
Koiimasis Ranch Camp, lodge in background.
Horse invasion Koiimasis, one munched my phone.
Maltahohe Garage - we left our mark too! Wonderful overnighter.


March 6, 2011
The landscape looks really nice since the rain, we saw an insert on Carte Blanche about the rare vegetation that pops up every 20 years or so. Enjoy your trip, wish we were also there.
brigitte parfitt:
March 6, 2011
Just read your latest report. What a most wonderful part of the African Continent you are exploring!!!
I had to laugh when I read this strange horse tried to get some free airtime !!!! I am glad that you are writing down your experiences. By the time you come back and read them they will stir beautiful (and funny) memories as if they happened just recently. Take care and may God watch over you two.
With lots of love, Brigitte
Sha Johnson:
March 6, 2011
Hi intrepid travellers
I remember the climb up those red sanded dunes - exhausting! Glad you are holding up in the heat and winning with all forms of wild life! Today is my birthday so we have had fun party and celebrating times - can't mourn getting older, but rather be glad we are all still here! Keep up the writing....
Love Sha
March 6, 2011
wow, your writings and photo's bring back memories of months spent filming out in the Namib wilderness. You sound well & happy, this makes me glad. May God continue to bless you and watch over you. Safe journey. Love you loads
March 7, 2011
Only one word awesome, enjoy we follow you have a safe journey
March 7, 2011
Amazing photos to see and take it all in in the flesh must be even more amazing. What a sight to see all that water, bet the locals were a bit shell shocked!!!
Been warm and dusty here, Carol & I with my best man over from Oz was with us near Paarl last Tuesday where temp hit 45degC, Naturally the cool interiors of wine tasting venues were a big attraction - tasting good too!! Envy you out here seeing all that amazing landscape.
Looking forward to more photos. Love S & C
March 7, 2011
Love the shapes & shadows the sand forms. Looks stunning! Jason did the Grape Escape as part of a 4 man team this weekend & won 2nd prize! Samuel had a great Argus MTB 25km with a friend, halving his time from last year! Otherwise all good. Lots of love!
Chrischele Alberts:
March 9, 2011
Hi Alice!
It's been wonderful reading about your travels. What an amazing experience. You're very brave too, I must add! All those 'chochas' to quote Brigitte... lol, I think I'll run a mile!!! Enjoy your next adventures. Praying for God's continued protection over you both! Love, Chrischele xxx
Moira Richards:
March 9, 2011
Great to hear your news, sossusvlei had lots of water when we were there too and that was not 20 years ago so guess that is a myth/ wives tale or whatever, we also were very happy that we saw it with flowers etc, a very special place and as usual making me long for the dusty road of adventure.
I am very busy but it's not very exciting, tires me out though. am struggling with deep innate sadness, lots of love Moira
Harry & Evon:
March 12, 2011
We also climbed dune 45, had a fantastic view of the sunset, also had a electrical storm that was most spectacular even though Evon is frightened of them. Good luck with your trip...we are home now after our 5 months safari, Jordan to Cape Town 4WDing and camping each night...we are suffering from some sort of time warp, I think Africa has changed me forever...
Marie Grant:
March 13, 2011
Dear George & Alice, thank you for the travel reports, it is so interesting and informative. It sounds if your expectations have been exceeded, enjoy every minute! Love, Marie x
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