Walvis Bay

March 15, 2011 - Swakopmund, Namibia

Gecko Camp was our next stop after Sossusvlei, we were alone there two days. Very rustic and off the beaten track! The landscapes changed dramatically from green rolling hills to the desert again. Vogelffederberg was the last bush camp (no ablutions) before Walvis Bay in the Namib-Naukluft Park. That was amazingly quiet and the dew the next morning was like drizzle in the middle of a desert. 

We’ve been in Walvis Bay sometime now,  2 nights camping and we were supposed to move on to Swakopmund. I got hold of Carol and Sinclair’s friends who live here, just to say hi and maybe meet for a drink. Well… we have ended up staying there, they have a little flat at the back of their property which was just what I needed! I had changes to make to the dissertation.

Our first few days of being in Walvis were like being in UK – very grey, fog in the mornings for most of the mornings and it lifted a tad later but our last four days have been blue and beautiful. Second day we went on one of the tours of the lagoon, mostly we saw seals, the oyster beds, harbour, etc. The seals jump right into the boat and pelicans were perching on the rails of some of the other boats. Highlight of the day was the champagne lunch, oysters and the great company! Wonderful people and our friendly tour leader Mannie made sure the bubbles kept coming!

The bird life in Walvis Bay is awesome! Each day is different, today, our last, was the cherry on top. The bay had a huge gathering of pelicans, other days it is more flamingos and often it is everything at once. As you walk along the lagoon front you have a sensory explosion of note. The sounds and sight of all these birds, the smell of the lagoon, the splashing noises these tiny fish make as they race around in big schools on some kind of imaginary track. The sand also kind of bubbles or hisses, you can’t really see it, you hear it and feel the tiny flies swarm round your feet. Then there are the salt works, looks like snow on the ground, pink in places and lorries storm along carrying salt straight to the harbour. The town is .....a town, nice, very welcome after a long patch of tiny dorps, it is strangely full of gambling houses! The houses don’t have gutters because they get so little rain. This season has been different, most houses have problems with water damage from all the rains.

Sandra and Jannie are wonderfully hospitable, MULTI-talented people! As far as Sandra goes, I have never met someone who is a jack of so many trades and clearly mastering them all! She is a nurse by profession, but that is a small part of the pie, Jannie has his long list of talents too! Amongst all she does Sandra still gives a lot of time helping drug addicts, it seems they both spend their lives helping people! We certainly were blessed and helped on many fronts! They have big dream of buying some land and starting a Christian rehabilitation-convalescent farm. All the talents they have learnt will be taught, it will be a working farm whilst people get their lives together and get healed. Just this last week they scored a lot of army stretchers being tossed out and Sandra is trying to acquire tents. So get behind them, pray or partner any way you can! Jannie also has a tour business called “African Ant Tours”, he is obviously passionate about Namibia and serving people by tailoring tours to the needs of his clients. Of course we picked his brain and he has said he will be our life-line in Namibia should we need one!

We really had a good break in Walvis Bay. Once again we met beautiful people and had a memorable time!




1. Sunset Gecko Camp
2. View from campsite picnic site
7. Namib-Naukluft Park
8. Namib-Naukluft Park


brigitte parfitt:
March 16, 2011
Once again, dear friends, so glad that I can travel with you from my home sitting in a chair. You sound really happy, excited, learning so much, meeting so many cool people and I believe being yourselves a blessing to many. I think that by now, Namibia is on my "bucket list". Have been there but basically on to Windhoek and down to Swakop sleeping in the sand overnight and realised the next morning that we were close to the railway track and woke up with the noise of a train driving past. We REALLY woke up with a start. Enjoy the next lap of your incredible journey. I'm excited about the next episode like watching the S.A. series Isidingo.
Lots of love and God's protection over you. Brigitte
March 16, 2011
I agree with Brigitte - its wonderful hear of your travels and encounters from here, down south. You have a gift for describing the scenery that makes it easy to imagine. We feel a little like participators :-)
God bless you as you go, as I know you will be a blessing to those you meet.
Moira Richards:
March 16, 2011
many thanks for your attempts to call me, your messages were loud and clear. I am volunteering at the church every day, so am hardly ever at home, it's keeping me very busy of course. I really needed to do something with my time and now feel I am being useful again. I am ok, please don't worry, just keep on praying for grace and His strength to keep me going from day to day, your travels sound so wonderful and I would love to be with you, it all sounds great and such varied experiences. lots of love Moira
March 17, 2011
Oh wow! Love the pics of the pelikans! Your adventures sure make my day at the desk sound very boring! Jason had a great Argus on Sunday - 2:59:25! He has not stopped smiling. We are settling into a new home group that meets on Wednesdays - enjoying the challenges of the Realationship series. Looking forward to the bank holilday weekend: spending it in Still baai with 4 other families. Take care and travel safely.
susan hall:
March 17, 2011
your photos are amazing i can see a book been printed when you get back enjoy.
we are nearing my ma 's 60th in april so we are working hard on his hippie party.
still hope to see you in serengeti area travel well
God bless
March 17, 2011
Thanks ladies I LOVE your comments, makes my day! Love to get your news too. Would love to know who is reading the blog and a quick one line to say something. Come on this takes me hours! Am enjoying doing blog so at least we have something to go back on. Also I know those who really want to know, know where we are and what we are up to. Hey my family - Jo, Claire, Ed and Ma gosh record day heard from all of you same day!
March 17, 2011
Hi Alice, glad you're both well & having a fantastic time. Missing you stax, God Bless & keep you. Lotsa Love
March 22, 2011
Hi Alice & George,
Once again thank you for the update and exciting pictures.
We have just finished the Realationships series and was also blessed by having Michael Eaton & RT Kendal speaking at Church on Main and at Common Ground. Their knowledge and passion is really inspiring. It felt a bit like I was on a mini LTT attending the talks.
You guys look after yourselves, drive carefully and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Miss you lots and a humunges hug from me.
Heather & Dave:
March 23, 2011
Hi there.
Wonderful to hear your news & so amazing to see the greeness of Namib-Naukluft area. What a contrast to the dryness we experienced.
I had a tummy bug last week so spent most of the long weekend with my feet up. Probably the best thing that could have happened as I had so much planned. We did get to walk up Devil's Peak with the Hiking Network we are part of. We walked through mist & once on top were above the clouds for as far as we could see. The top of Table Mt & Lions Head were peeping through. The night before we had watched a film on Evevest. Devil's Peak is kind of my limit!!! but we did feel on top of the world.
Take care,
Heather & Dave
Beth Wetton:
March 26, 2011
We are from Russellville, Ky. Claire & Mark are great friends.
I am currently in China with my husband Mark. I've been sending e-mails home but I'm not computer literate enough to have a Blog. It's great to visit Africa with you.

Enjoy your trip.
March 27, 2011
Hi Alice, It is so nice to follow your trip. Wish life could always be that way!!!I am now busy wit my analizing of my research project, and all the regisrtation with Potch is finalized. I was quite surprized that I got a bursary for this year. It makes it worthwile. Would love to hear about your dissertation. Love Liza
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