Mozambique - Pemba - Noddy returns!

November 30, 2011 - Pemba, Mozambique

Days came and went from Saturday through to Wednesday when the next flight was due...... still no news of the axle. At the bar here at Russel’s camp we met a fellow Capetonian – Anthony, he was busy scouting for earth moving works here. Anthony had only just met us and within hours had invited us over for a braai and sleepover; he even gave us the keys to his car for the next day! He lived in a company house down the road on the beach where high tide almost hit the front step. We had a king sized bed in a large air-conditioned bedroom en suite.....bliss! Sadly it was only for one night as the boss was due to arrive and Anthony was off to Mocimboa da Praia. Taking his bakkie we popped down to the mechanic to see how far he had got with the landy, we had taken it in as the oil leak had become quite worrisome. The mechanic was busy dismantling the engine and said it was a big job that would take till the following Monday or Tuesday since he was away for the weekend. We were depressed!

Next we headed to the airport to track down the axle which was supposed to have been marked urgent and should have arrived the day before, it was documented on their manifest but had been offloaded due to excessive weight. More bad news..... there was no guarantee that it would be put on the next flight which was on Saturday as it was a passenger oriented plane! George and I really felt low. A text came through, Steve was coming back for us....a bad idea we thought..... there was no   guarantee of anything arriving and we did not want the stress of unhappy fellow travellers! We tried to talk them out of it saying we would meet in Durban but their course was set and they arrived in the night after a 400kms drive back to Pemba.

George spent a good deal of time hounding the manager of Airlink in Johannesburg by phone finally the axle was on board, third time lucky - relief, it was due in Pemba by 2.30pm on Saturday. George went off to pick it up and thought that he had met Ebrahim from the workshop who was going there to help him with clearance. In no time he had it on the bakkie without even signing. Thinking that it was Ebrahim who was helping him, George said good bye and left a good tip. Then Ebrahim called to say the axle had not arrived on the plane, ‘yes it has, it’s in the back of my bakkie!’ George said incredulously....we are still confused about our mystery clearance man.  

The next day at 3.00am the men left and by 10.30am they were busy at work on Noddy in Mocimboa da Praia whilst Paula and I stayed at Russel’s camp in Pemba. The reluctant manager came down to open the warehouse, his hands stayed in his pockets and he was definitely not going to lift a finger. Our stuff was intact except the kitchen sink pipe which had been thoroughly shredded by rats and our meat! George had the unpleasant job of emptying rotten meat out of the freezer, unfortunately the unhelpful manager had pulled the plug, what a stink! Steve and George did a brilliant job together they fitted the axle and threw in all our kit hitting the road again for Pemba by 1.30pm. Triumphantly Noddy arrived home at 9.00pm that same day but not without further trauma. Coming into Pemba a drunk driver crashed into Noddy’s bulbar on the right side, it was a hit and run probably just as well since who wants an altercation with a drunk man! Thank goodness it was not a moment sooner or later, either Steve’s car would have been hit or the back of the caravan which is unprotected. Noddy of course has more scars but soldiers on.

The next day was hard work, Noddy had to be thoroughly cleaned and properly packed again. The men went off to town to make sure the job was being done on the landy and kept hounding the mechanic, unfortunately we have been further delayed and the landy will only be ready today ....Wednesday.

Meanwhile Noddy has been under heavy maintenance, ‘a visit to the chiropractor’ Steve said! They had her pulled in two different directions using winch, pullies and a palm tree to try and straighten Noddy out, it seems she was twisted when the wheel came off and her pounding from the drunk driver probably contributed to her bad posture! Steve and George as usual strategized and thought out of the box. Noddy looks good who would have thought she had been through so much!



Noddy's wounds from the drunken driver 019-550
George and Steve taking care of Noddy 065-550
George busy on  Noddy  048-550
Reinforcing Noddy's sides 066-550


November 30, 2011
Hi the Macs,

Wow, you guys are really having one heck of a time. You will have to "slowly" slip back into civilisation and routine when you get back. Noddy alos might have to visit the plastic surgeon to iron out a few wrinkles.
We think of you constantly and know that the Lord is there with you throughout all your expereinces.

Take care and God bless


November 30, 2011
I am so glad that Noddy is ok. You will have to build a special place for her in Capetown. George can concider opening a workshop repairing caravans with all his experience now. Only a yoke !! I can hear your positive attitude---wonderfull. Take care.
November 30, 2011
Yes, absolutely, George and Steve could have a wonderful business working on caravans and consulting for agencies building and improving caravans!! They know almost everything! I am so proud of them!
brigitte parfitt:
November 30, 2011
Hi Alice, my goodness me, it seems like a 'conspiracy' is out there ---- How little they know about your protection! If they had they wouln't have tried!!!! By the way I just love your last sentence:Noddy looks good, who would have thought she has been through so much! I understand that Noddy is a "she" and on account of that "she" reminds me of many fellow women, mothers, wives etc. etc. who despite external circumstances still make a lovely picture. You and your truly included!!! Much love and safe journey ahead. Much love, Brigitte
December 1, 2011
So glad to hear everything seems to work out again! I am sure for the next trips you'll be blessed with extraordinary luck!! What an experience...

I will be heading for Copenhagen by this time tomorrow, surely a lot less sunny and dry than where you are right now.

Hugs from Germany,
Uli & Harald
December 3, 2011
Hi Alice & George - Sorry I haven't commented for so long!! Have been in NZ - world cupping (which was fantastic) and then Mana Pools etc. Just been catching up on your amazing adventures!! Well done guys - how much longer on the journey? Stewart returned home safely in early November - he also said that northern Mozam were the worst roads ever!! Take care and love to you both x Pippa + 2 !!
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