Off to Europe

December 22, 2013 - Cape Town, South Africa

 Well off to Europe....London to have christmas with family the off to Glasgow Scotland to have new year eve in traditional Scottish style. Then off to Switerland for three week snow sking



December 23, 2013
A wonderful Christmas with your UK Family !!!
December 23, 2013
Wow,what a great holiday, happy travels and we look forward to hearing about it on your return. Please give your mum big hug and a kiss from me. Love bxx
December 25, 2013
hello hello - what a wonderful trip to look forward to , here's wishing the 2 of you a wonderful christmas. i'm just thinking of the contrast between you africa blog to this - from hot sunny africa to icy cold winter. i do hope you get to see and play in some snow - that's always been a delight and has only happened once in my life , walking through a snow fall and the silence that comes with it
December 26, 2013
Dear both,

whaaaaaat, you (almost) close to us now - couldn't you plan a short trip over to Berlin as well?!? Hope you will have snow in Switzerland, none so far in Germany, which is quite unusual this time of year, I think it only snowed once only to disappear two days later. Which is something we're quite glad about - we are in the middle of building a (timber) house!!! That's also the reason why it's a bit silent on our end, we're so busy right now, both of us commuting many hours to work and then also the hassle of coordinating everything on our construction site...

Have a wonderful time in Scotland (where exactly are you - near Loch Lomond if near Glasgow?) and then a great skiing time south of us!

Big hug,
January 1, 2014
Hi Alica and George, arrived back from Grahamstown two days ago and just found your blog. Thanks for including us again, and also great thanks for your call from Joburg airport, Alice. I trust that you had a lovely family time - just as we had - and believe you must now be on your way to Switzerland for your skiing holiday. May you enjoy the snow, the sun and the wonderful refreshing sport of skiing. Lots of love to you two and have an amazing time. Brigitte and Roy
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