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2. Criss crossing the equator

September 17, 2011 - Jinja, Uganda

2. Criss crossing the equator

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brigitte parfitt:
September 17, 2011
Hi guys, thank you for your news - as always very very interesting. One day we must have an exhibition with photos from all those who have been photographed under this yellow sign "crossing the equator". Brings happy memories back from 1972!!!
I also liked Kenya a lot and their 'jumbo bwana' Masuri? Masuri sana! Hope you continue doing well despite potholes and 'no roads'-roads. It's going to be interesting now to hear about your Uganda experiences. Can't wait. Spring has sprung here in the Cape, and the carpet of flowers appear everywhere. It's real beautiful. May God keep His hand over you as you travel safely. Much love and hugs, Brigitte and Roy and Natalie who is just here for a weekend (went looking for wedding dresses!! with regard to 31 March next year.)
October 5, 2011
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