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South African Braai.

November 7, 2011 - Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania

South African Braai.

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brigitte parfitt:
November 7, 2011
So good to hear from you again, dear friends. Alice, Roy was very happy to receive your comment on his facebook. He says Thank you! Just watched your slide show...... wish I was there... is all I can say. Had a lovely summer's day y'day and today and could enjoy the garden. Yesterday Roy walked around 2 blocks on his own. We thank God for progress and enjoy each day as it comes. I'm busy with my last assignment for Mental Health. Will also do a 4 day intensive course (Facillitation skills) end of November. Counts as an "Elective" of which I'll have 3 in my course. Still loving it.
Take good care and avoid the thieves.... Love and hugs, Brigitte
November 10, 2011
Yes. This is what it is all about.

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