Videos » Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

December 25, 2008 - Inchon, South Korea

A little Christmas video for our wonderful families! We love you soo much!


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Michelle Richards:
December 25, 2008
hey Kim

that is such a wonderful video ... it made me cry. You are such a beautiful person.

I miss you so much!xo
December 26, 2008
the editing was good but the acting was terrible, no oscar nomination in amy's future
Richard Mayne:
December 26, 2008
you 2 make a great couple... so i guess you must have told your parents that you're gay, good for you both!
December 26, 2008
Hey Girls,
Great video,its so nice to see you two having such great fun being all the way over there for Christmas.So nice to see that you are happy over there, but I miss my Kim sooooooooo much this Christmas but glad to see that you are happy over there and nice that you have such a nice friend, she is a lot like you in her ways Kim.I really enjoyed the video, I've only watched it 4 times so
Take Care and be safe!!!!
December 26, 2008
Richard...our families are watching this! hahah

ps: I hope you know he's joking.
December 26, 2008
Great job girls - it makes us all feel good that you are enjoying yourselves there and have found a good friend in each other - Richard is just jealous (hee hee).
Love you Amy - miss you and thanks Kimberley for being such a good friend to my baby girl.
Love momma xoxo

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