The Best Destinations in Southeast Asia

April 16, 2013 - Singapore, Singapore

Each time I return from traveling around Southeast Asia I get asked what my favorite place was. This is the most commonly asked question and I can never pick one particular place as there are so many great destinations. This is why I have compiled this list of my 5 favorite tourist islands in Southeast Asia.

Koh Lanta, Thailand

The island of Koh Lanta in Thailand is magnificent, easy to reach from most major destinations in Asia, home to very friendly locals and one of the most affordable Thai islands I have ever come across. In spite of all this it's still unknown to most tourists. I really enjoyed my time here and remember renting a motorbike to explore the island. I saw so many breathtaking and deserted beaches, ate at some of the best seafood restaurants and met expats from all over the western world. This is one of my most favorite destinations in the world and I would recommend this Asian paradise to anyone.

Singapore City

Singapore is expensive but in spite of this it's still my favorite city in the world. Everything here is clean, safe and orderly. What I loved the most about this city is its incredible architecture, well managed parks and the smaller communities inside of the city such as Chinatown and Little India. The food here is also spectacular and I loved eating from the different food stalls as I walked around the city.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

My first impression of Mui Ne was that it's a Vietnamese beach town full of hippies. Nothing wrong with that of course but I only realized its full beauty once I got on a motorbike and started exploring the place. The landscapes are nothing short of breathtaking and I saw incredible scenery such as enormous tree covered mountains, sand dunes of many different colors and a wide variety of small fishing villages dotted all along the coast. I have already decided to return to Mui Ne in the very near future to spend a month here.

Koh Chang, Thailand

Ko Chang is the second Thai destination on the list. This island has free wi-fi, stunning beaches, all the amenities you could ever need, it's incredibly beautiful and somehow still largely isolated. It's also where you will find Lonely Beach, one of my top 10 favorite beach destinations. It has crystal clear waters, white beach sand and palm trees lined up all along the coast.

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Sihanoukville in Cambodia is one of those places that are popular with not only Western tourists but also with locals. The place is ridiculously cheap and you can easily get by here on a mere $10 a day. There is a very large backpacker community here and cheap pedicures, massages and barbecues on the beach are common everyday events.

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