Checking out Phuket, Thailand

April 29, 2013 - Phuket, Thailand

Our group landed not long ago to a severe tropical storm. It's awfully hot with lots of strong winds and intense rain which persisted right through the night up until late this morning. We had an excellent welcome from very polite resort staff.

We were given a ride to our room with a beach buggy - which had been wonderful. He guaranteed me one more ride on it tonight.  My room is breathtaking and of course spacious with spectacular views of the gardens down below and if you stare very carefully you can see the beach through the trees. I was feeling a little sick during the exhausting journey here but felt a lot better the next day. I am still not quite 100% well but last nights sleep a whole lot better. I am presently typing this while enjoying breakfast. The amount of food is terrific and there is every kind of food you can dream of and I will be trying as much as I can.

The hotel Where I am staying at is really enchanting. The ocean is quite rough this morning but the resort has an assortment of pools, slides and as well as a jacuzzi. I am somewhat excited but I have to go for a sleep first before I try out the water rides. So I believe that is what I am going to do first.
I enjoyed a nice sleep for three hours and I felt much more relaxed. I enjoyed the rest of the day at the junior pool. The sun was intensely warm and evaporated the clouds. However I'm sure there's lots more rain coming later this evening. I made lots of people from across the globe too.
It was definitely cool and not to mention a little frightening to spot big signs saying 'Tsunami evacuation point' found along the coastline. Please don't worry, As I have already worked out my escape route. I'm currently typing this last bit on bit on the fabulous local beach as I am sipping on some coffee and of course watching the sun go down. I have really cherished my first 2 days here on Phuket, thailand and I do think I am starting to fall madly in love with this enchanting little place.
Later I will enjoy dinner at the resort and have an early night. I'm going to go out in the next day or two and experience what Phuket island has to offer.

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