Five Recommended Tourist Activities in Coron, Pala

July 30, 2013 - Coron, Philippines

So you have your plane ticket to Coron, Palawan and you're thinking about all the things you are going to do once you get there. Here are a few suggestions of what type of activities are available on this Asian island paradise.

Make your way up Mt Tapyas

Towering at 210 meters, the breathtaking Mt Tapyas has become Coron's premier tourist attraction. It's clearly visible from most parts of the island and can easily be reached on foot from anywhere in town. Tourists can climb the 700 steps to the summit from where they can enjoy some of the best views of the island. The views are incredible at anytime of day but for best results enjoy it at sunset.

Explore the many lagoons and lakes

Coron Island has many lagoons that are well suited for swimming. Some are located along the shoreline but the best ones are inland. There are a total of 8 inland lagoons, however only 2 of them are open to the public as the rest are protected conservation areas. The two that are open to the public are Barracuda and Kayangan Lake. Barracuda Lake is great for snorkeling as there are beautiful underwater cliffs while Kayangan Lake is renowned for its crystal clear waters.

Go on an African safari

The Calauit Wildlife Park is on a neighboring island known as Busuanga Island which is a short boat ride away from Coron. Yes, it's still Southeast Asia but the park is home to a small population of antelopes, zebras and giraffes that came all the way from Kenya. Apart from the African wildlife you will also find a large population of the endangered Calamian deers.

Enjoy some of the best beaches in Asia

What would a tropical island be without soft white sandy beaches? Luckily, Coron has lots of them. The most popular beaches here are Banana beach, Atuayan beach, Banol beach and Malcapuya beach. These beaches are all breathtakingly beautiful and are great places to spend your time. Many of the other neighboring islands have beaches that are just as beautiful as the ones on Coron. Head to Black Island, Pamalican Island, North and South Cay if the beaches on Coron Island are too crowded for your liking.

Check out the coral gardens

The most popular diving and snorkeling spot in the Calamian archipelago is right here in Coron - thanks to the beautiful coral gardens which surrounds the island. It's where you will find some of the rarest marine life and you don't need scuba diving gear to enjoy it as basic snorkeling gear is more than enough to enjoy the beauty of the coral gardens.

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