October 5, 2011 - Kyoto, Japan

 Arived in Kyoto and after leaving the bags at the hotel headed out to vist the Fushimi shribe wich has over 3000 Shinto gates joining together to form passages through the woods. After having Sushi as a late lunch we checked into the hotel. In the late afternoon we tavled on the bus to Gion (the geisha district) to look around some more temples and view the cobblestone streets of the geisha area. In the evening we ate at a hotpot restaurant were we cooked meat in a bubbling broth.

The next moring we went to view the golden temple (literely a golden temple) then onto the 1st zen stone garden & finishing at Nijo castle. We then had a free afternoon so we headed out of the main city area to head up a hill where you could feed monkeys and have an amazing view of Kyoto. After heading down I went for a walk through the bamboo forist then on a bus to the other side of the city to veiw a temple at sunset. We then finished the day with a Geisha show and some dinner.

Today we have had the day to do what ever we want. Because it has been raining all day I have visted a museum and done some shopping. Tomorrow we leave Kyoto for Kawaguchiko (small village at the base of mt Fuji)

Kyoto is a really nice place. There is so much to do hear we may come back after to tour at somepoint.


October 5, 2011
Glad it's all going so well. How long before the tour ends? Or, what's after Mt Fuji?
Weather beginning to break here now. Any pics yet?
October 5, 2011
Hi Ben, i once taught a kid who was called Kyoto apparently he was conceived there! How many more days do you have on the tour?
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