Kyoto part 2

October 22, 2011 - Kyoto, Japan

So we are back in Kyoto. Checked into our hostel "Gojo guest house" and the first night it was just me & Dan in the doorm. The first night we went to find the falafel place as we had enjoyed it so much in Nara. After this we walked back to a bar that we had been to last time we where in Kyoto. We made plans the next day to head to a flea market at a temple south of the station. It was really busy and had some interesting things after this we headed to the new shopping area and did a bit more shopping and finally on to a samurai shop with extremely expensive swords and fully outfits (Freddie you would love it!) I had to buy something so got a small knife with an amazing blade. In the evening we went back to this sushi bar that every dish is only 137 yen (about £1) so we had loads of sushi! Then looked round the amazing station building! We headed back to find more people at the hostel!! We stayed at the hostel cafe for the night chatting. Today we had plans for a festival around mid day at the imperial palace but because of the rain it was left till tomorrow it was really sticky as it's been raining but is still about 27c. This evening we went to an awesome village festival of fire. We traveled 45mins out of Kyoto to a small village where they light massive flame torches and heave them to the temple. It was heaving with people and te first few hours it was pissing it down but fpr the last hour it was amazing! We finished the night off with an amazing (best yet bowl of Raman)not much time left now onto Tokyo in the morning to meet Ben Tobin for a trip to the muesium then a few days in Tokyo and home!

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