Nara - a walk in the park

February 15, 2009 - Nara, Japan

 After a day of temple overdose I headed, bright and earlym to Nara, a city a tenth of the size and less than an hour from Kyoto.  Nara, too, is known for it's similar offerings of beauty, history and...TEMPLES!  사진 369

After Kyoto, I thought taking in Nara would be a walk in the park.  As it turns out, my prediction was quite literal.
사진 380

I was done: I mean with temples, pictures, maps, sights...the whole thing.  So when I got to Nara, a BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning, I decided to put the camera and map away, to see, or NOT SEE the sights, and to simply wander, with no purpose. 

It was great.

사진 379

Taking up most of Nara is a gorgeous park, scattered with temples equal to the size and majesty of Kyoto and full of wild deer (and Japanese tourists). 

사진 374

I strolled the park, took some naps, ate some food and enjoyed slowing down.  It became clear (almost painfully clear) to me, that I do not like being a tourist (at least in the sense of seeing things or doing things).  I am really looking forward to stillness.  Slowing down to be more rather than see or do more.

Consistent with my day in Nara, I returned to a night of quiet indulgence at on Onsen (the best yet) in Kyoto.



사진 384
사진 369
사진 370
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