A Million Miles Away

February 17, 2009 - Seoul, South Korea

 Woke at 6 am in Seoul- sleeping in for me.

Just adjusted to tome difference and I'm off tomorrow to Nepal- multiple time zones away.

Spent most of yesterday getting THIS blog up from my hostel in Seoul.  Writing stories and all- yeah that's nice, but honestly feeling quite disconnected.

It was pleasant to get some responses and emails this morning, made me lighten up a bit on the discomfort with the dramatization of the trip, but honestly...I feel so far from my center.

The TRUTH is that I am only about 7000 miles away from home, yet feeling a million miles away from my-self.

It served a purpose, but a week of running around, gathering stuff (where stuff = anything that can be gathered...experiences, photos, passport stamps, etc) left me dizzy and grasping for something solid.

One of my first intuitive reflections was how I feel teaching yoga, to the extent of my capacity: present, non-judgemental, detached, centered, still, focused, calm, LOVING...all the yummies.  Both preparations for this trip and subsequently the premier week of this trip has been anything but.

So far I've felt rushed, greedy (for experience), hoarding, stressed.  There have been alot of demands put.  Well I'm only in Kyoto once, I really SHOULD see the temples, well I've only got 48 hours left in Korea, I really SHOULD do this, eat that, write this...get it?

Too many shoulds.

I am done.

HAH, that's funny, I think I can just DECIDE to be done.  GOOD LUCK.

Well, the way it works, for me anyways, is the intention is set, the conception is created, the practice, teh application is slow and requires a constant remembering.  A week of having an objective, a goal, a plan, demands, STUFF was a cold slap in the face:

WAKE UP MAN: what do you want?  Lotus

Back to center, back to calm, back to Sadhana: my practice, of remembering to remember to let go.

Back to sadhana.


February 17, 2009
I am so excited for you and your adventure. Know I send gooood thoughts your way.

February 18, 2009
I'm so glad to hear from you. I already miss you! Xoxo, d
February 18, 2009
What an adventure you're having! This is something that will have an impact on you for the rest of your life---something that you will always reflect on, whatever you choose for everything that lies ahead. We miss you on Monday afternoons, but I may just blindfold myself for my own practice tonight!
Annie Hammerstone:
February 18, 2009
Hey you!!! Glad you got this up and running- now we can all live vicariously through you! I admire your courage to trek the world my friend. I caught myself wishing I could meet you at Brixx for a bevie and a good chat the other day- guess I'll just read this and pretend we're chatting:) I miss you. Know you are thought of and missed my friend. Stay safe, have fun and be present!
Love ya,
TR at ML:
February 18, 2009
Bill Biotek ... omg ... the world traveler ...Mr. No wallstreet ... thank god for gravity ... so your attached just a little to this earth. I always love hearing from you ... not ever sure I could take your path ... but somehow feel a little better about the human race because you are in it!
February 18, 2009
Let go my son! I beat Merrill in a round of trivial pursuit this past weekend. Anything is possible.

Be well.

February 18, 2009
Just do what you always teach us to do... float, breathe and love. you'll get there, it's just like when you first start to learn, you want it all instantly - but with time, it all falls into place!! :) Love you Billy!!!
Bonnie Coogan:
February 18, 2009
Hi Billy,

Want to wish you a wonderful trip. Enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures. Keep in touch.

Love, Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Mike
Tori Groat:
February 18, 2009
Good to "see" you again, Billy! I enjoyed reading your "Million Miles Away" entry! Will try to read over the other entries when I've had more sleep but I wanted to "stop by" to say "Hi" to ya!

On another note: you should look into getting a twitter account if you don't have one already. It would be a great way to keep people updated on your where abouts as well as reach more people who are into the yogic lifestyle. Even Thich Nhat Hanh has a twitter account, man!
I"m yogamachic- if you sign up, you can follow my updates.

Big HUGS from NC.
February 18, 2009
Billy! I was so excited to get your email. I felt many of the same feelings you're experiencing when I traveled, but I was only going to be gone a couple of weeks! Sounds like you've already got a handle on laso-ing clarity though;) I miss you and look forward to keeping up with your adventure! HUGE hugs from the west, love you!
Pam Austin:
February 18, 2009
Billy- Wonderful to hear from you. Yogaflex has missed you on Sunday mornings....and Sarah and Hannah still talk of you often. Kids Yoga just isnt the same. Enjoy your travels---rest and relax-- you only have one life to live and it is yours....
Keep the updates coming.
Aunt Sue Sue:
February 18, 2009
Hi Billy,

"Remember" your trip is about adventure, new experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy every moment . It's not how much you do... it's loving what you're doing! I love living the travels through you and look forward to each new adventure even if we don't get to "see it all". Be happy, Be safe, Be...Billy.
Love you Aunt Sue Sue
p.s. Uncle Pete, Petie and Matti say hi too!
February 18, 2009
Billy, wow, awesome blog. So much fun to still be a sort of virtual student of a yogi who compared forward fold to pizza dough. Your unique perspective always brings a smile! Happy travels, look forward to reading more.
Michael Gianelli:
February 19, 2009
Wild Bill - You seem much more conscious than your college self, but I don't know if it is b/c you are on your way to enlightenment or simply b/c your not doing keg stands. Always glad to hear about interesting travels....you'll grow into it and gradually get back to your calm center. Cheers, MPG
sarah from kids yoga:
February 19, 2009
Hi this is sarah. Hi Billy. Do you like your trip? I sure would like going on all those trips with my whole family. It would hurt my ears alot do you agree? Which place was your favorite? p.s.s I love your pictures. Write back soon.

hannah from kids yoga:
February 19, 2009
dear billy I hope you have a fun time in japan. your the best.
old man:
February 20, 2009
Go get 'em big bro.
February 22, 2009
Hey Billy, It's pretty normal to feel disconnected, after a couple of weeks, you just want to be grounded. Going to Nepal perhaps you can spend some time in nature, that should help.. This unsettledness is good news, it means transformation is happening....
February 23, 2009
Happy Birthday dude!!!!! This is first time in a few years we havent been around each other during bday week... Miss ya.
I think I'm heade in your direction my friend...peace
monica J. Farabee:
February 24, 2009
Billy!! I am SOOOO sad that I missed seeing you before you left...my heart is broken over it, but...well...my own damned fault. Was in a crisis with Luke (better now but still stressful!) and then was in Disney for a week. OMG. Wild!! Just know that I'm with you in spirit...and I love you so much! If you can call, do...I'll drop everything and anything to answer. If not, mail me! I'll be watching your journey and admiring your guts, dude! Sending you a big, long, connected hug...
Aunt Sue Sue:
February 24, 2009
Happy Birthday Billy!!! Hopefully you will be able to treat yourself to something special today. We will have a cake for you today. I'm sure Mattingly will be happy to blow out the candles for you. Remember all our great dates with Rosanne. We love you and miss you!

Aunt Sue Sue, Uncle Peter, Petie, Mattingly and Grandpa
Becky Tin:
February 24, 2009
Just knowing you're out there exploring on behalf of us kindred spirits gives me the feeling that "All is well". Love you man and so miss our walks. Remembering what you told me about my needing to have my own space; my own friends; separate and apart from family life. Remember to flash that picture of me with Obama if it'll get you out of any sticky situations! Your "center" is right there with you, by the way. It is just making you work overtime for now.
February 24, 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! Tho, i guess it'll be over by the time this reaches you, i hope it was the most spectacular of days!!! Love you:0)
February 24, 2009
Happy Birthday Bill!! Hope you are having a wonderful time. We need an update!! Thinking of you and sending you a big hug!
February 26, 2009
Hey you....happy belated bday! hope all is going well! Love kim & brian
March 1, 2009
i hope you have an amazing experience, and know that your presence is missed on this continent...however, the world is small, and energy traverses many distances.

Aunt Bonnie:
March 18, 2009
Hi there,
How is your trip going? I am sure you are having the greatest time. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Have lots of fun and great experiences.

Love, Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Mike
March 22, 2009
Hey BIlly, We sent out a big cleansing breath and a sigh to you from Yoga Basics last week! Hope you are well. Wish you could post to your blog and catch us up on your adventures!!!
April 3, 2009
Hey Billy...

I was thinking about you today. We put a gorgeous photo of you up at Gotta and I told K and Z, "I'm a Billy-phile."

Hope you're well and happy. I miss you and wish you great imagination and unexpected adventures.

With Love,
April 6, 2009
Hey Billy,
Hope all is well with you. Would love an update
Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of your trip with all of us!
Peace and love,
April 10, 2009
Hey Babe!
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I've been thinking about you.

April 13, 2009
That's awesome you are travelling the world, maybe you'll get a chance to stop by Tiruvannamalai, in India. Some dude used to live there who came up with a direct way of finding that "Self" your blog is talking about. He came up with a process called Self-Inquiry that takes you to your Source, your Self, regradless of what continent your feet rest on. His name was Ramana Maharshi. There's a resting place for seekers under his name in Tiruvannamalai. Just a thought since you're out and about hehe :).
Hope your explorations are full of fun and joy.
Much love from Charlotte!
Aunt Bonnie:
April 16, 2009
hi there,

Just wanted to say hello and see how you are doing. I am sure you are having a blast. Hope to get to see some great pictures one day. Think about you often. Take care of yourself.
Love, Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Mike
April 16, 2009
Where in the world is Billy now? Has anyone heard from him lately?
April 26, 2009
Billy! I hope you are doing well. I have not heard from you in a while. I saw you opened the e-card I sent you. I hope you liked it. We miss you at Trinity. Our practice is just not the same. I am going to Rio in June to work at an orphanage for a week. Then, I go to Nicaragua in July to do a Spanish immersion class and live with a family for a week.
They will have to work miracles for me to learn Spanish..but i am going to try!! I send hugs to you. Hope you are well. Love ya, Tachi
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