Melbourne part II

July 9, 2009 - Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne I celebrated my 29th birthday - my 2nd birthday away from home - I didn't make to big a fuss about it really - the girls in the house where having a house party that weekend so it just doubled up as my birthday celebrations. My previous birthday was in the city of Sucre in Bolivia seems like a good while ago now.

During my time in melbourne I enjoyed working and socialising with my work colleagues - Melbourne is a really good city just to live and work in - I read somewhere it is reputed to be one of the most liveable cities in the world and I can see why - its easy to get around with its integrated public transport system which the locals are always complaining about - but I have to say I quite like the fact the trains can be one ort two mins late every now and again - (its prob more in line with my style of time keeping). Also it was good eating out in a variety of good restaurants. Plus I had some great nites out on fridays after work!

Ginley and Boland landed down to Melbourne from adelaide and Sydney respectively to spend a few weeks down here before our planned trip up the east coast - when Boland landed it was also his birthday so we went to an AFL game in the Eithad stadium - the game was between my adopted team of St Kilda (seen as i lived in that area of the city) and Richmond - it was a pretty poor game in which St Kilda completely outclassed the opposition and the atmosphere was non existant - wouldn't endear me to the sport much to be honest (but the following weekend St klida vs Geelong the top two teams in the league was a classic in which St Kilda won - but unfortunately it was sold out well in advance)

In my own sporting endeavours with the 5 aside football - just when my ego was expanding visioning myself as a Stevie Gearard-esque influence on the team with my breaking runs from midfield and our unbeaten run we got thumped 11-1! but at least we got back to winning ways the next week after i drafted in ginley to replace the loss of our star striker Hadrian!

I finished up in work the end of June as the project had to be completed by then - it was a good project and I made some good friends Adrian, Chris, Mark, Andrew, Philip and Lachlan to name a few - plus I liked the way the team went about its business!

So next it was to make plans for heading up the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns (with a short spin out to Bells beach and the coast road - just south west of Melbourne first). So myself Ginley and Boland booked a camper van for 6 weeks tour back up North and to the heat taking in a few tours along the way and seeing what the tourism hotspots of Australia have to offer - i'll fill you in with more detail about this as I go! (hopefully I'll have some more interesting things to report on than just my working to save up cash that i've been doing after working for the last 6/7 months!)

But I'll miss Melbourne when I leave it's a great town!! But onwards and upwards as they say and back into Holiday mode and on the road woo hoo

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James & Maureen:
August 11, 2009
Blog continues to be interesting, keep it up. Here's wising you well for the rest of your travels and be safe. Pictures are lovely.
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