South East Asia: Singapore

November 1, 2009 - Singapore, Singapore

So I know my blog entries may have gotten a little less interesting of late - this is partly as my enthusiasm for travelling had been starting to wane the closer I get to going home. But as I flew out of Darwin and leaving australia behind I couldn't help myself feeling excited - partly as it was part of my route home for christmas to see family and friends who I haven't seen in a good while! But also I was really looking forward to south east asia(with its culture shock, language barrier, element of unknown/danger) And travelling on my own for this part of my travels I didn't know what to expect!

First stop Singapore for a night (flying visit just a couple of hours really) First impressions nice airport, clean, well run and spacious. Next impression nice little Metro system, then went to Little India - lot of hustle and bustle and Indian shops, restaurants and a large Indian community - I was walking to the Hostel I had decided to stay in (no reservation of course - winging it is more my travelling style) when I was dragged into a bar i'd walked past by some other backpackers - turns out the bar was a hostel also and they had seen me ladden down with my backpacks walking past and wanted to set me straight that it was 'the best hostel in town' in their words plus they'd had a few drinks and invited me to join them - so I checked in and had a great nights craic with my new found one night only friends (the bar was called "the prince of wales" so I was hardly immersing myself in local culture or anyhting but I wasn't really in singapore for sightseeing just a stop over en route to thailand)

The next morning I lazily struggled up and left myself a bit short of time to get to airport seen as I wasn't to sure where the handiest metro station was and had a bit of a stressful dash with my heavy bags to find it when it wasn't where I thought it was meant to be - luckily its singapore airport and it runs like clockwork - you only need to be there a minimum of 40 mins before flight for international flights and even though I was running late I ended up sitting waiting for 45 mins in departure lounge even after going to checkin, immigration (outgoing), carry on luggage security check etc!

So Overall I had a good time in singapore although I didn't see it properly - my impressions are that its Asia Lite and a good starting point for visiting asia!


November 10, 2009
I just published three new entries there!
James & Maureen:
November 11, 2009
Three very good blogs!They have not got any less interesting.You are making the most of it.I trust that things will go well for you until we see you.
November 12, 2009
Hey Brian
Your traveling around Asia now i see, still having a brill time by the looks of things...enjoyin ur blog, jealous i'm not there too, it will take the Thai's to teach ya how to cook :)!! any chance u cud snatch a "real" gold buddha and bring it home with ya :) u ave some great photos there, will chat to ya out for those lady boys!! :)
November 17, 2009
How are you bro... I trust those elefant jams aren't holding you back to much, its looks good. Hope you are enjoying the oriental run... On the home strech now! See you shortly sir....
November 18, 2009
Well Kev I'll try me best to snatch a buddha - but dunno if i'd make it past the monks I think laying a finger on a buddha would turn them from nice natured bald dudes into homicidal maniacs!

Yeah Seamus on the home straight now can't wait to be honest! - just going down to the beaches/islands to relax and get bit of sun to see out the end of the trip! (plus don't think i can watch the Ireland vs france match 2nd leg anywhere as its on too late - even if looks like we're up against it - but a robbie keane goal in the first 10 mins would make it interesting - all he needs is one decent chance!)
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