Snowboarding in Niederau

February 8, 2008

Arrived in Niederau which is located near salzburg and soll in austria in a picturesque area called Wildschonauer in the tyrol (or tirol) region of the alps for a week of throwing myself down the snowy slopes at ridiculous speeds which is serious fun. Wildschonauer means wild and beautiful (from austrian words) or so the rep told us - so thats the education point over with.

14 of us (group of friends organised by leddy and sara fair play to yee btw for sorting everything out) landed on sat evening and just had enough time to get dinner before going to get measured up for skiing/snowboarding gear for the morning - then out for a few drinks.

Slopes where layed out as following:
pistes2Few Days of getting back into the swing of it - getting to grips with weaving and coming down the red slopes (medium difficulty - although bit harder than that in places) Few good nites out in the dancing cave bar and O'Malleys irish bar (there must be an irish pub everywhere)

meOnMyBoardmurphyInActionMyself and murphy on the slopes (altho have to admit mine was a pose as had to get the camera back off sara)



sara+murphy+leddy+mePicture of a few of us at the top of the mountain (sara, murphy, leddy and myself)



All was going well on the wednesday had a early nite the nite before and was refreshed and raring to go myself and murphy did a few practice runs on the beginner slopes then we went to top and decided to go down red 19 and i was on a roll and nailed a few sections of the run - and was really getting into the rhythm of weaving from heel edge to toe edge  but this also meant i was coming down through the lower section of the run at a heady pace - i started to get nervous and decided to slow down but got caught in a slight track of a previous skier/snowboarder and my side edge of the board was too flat and I caught a lip of snow and went flying a number of metres and flipping over a full 360 degrees bouncing and ending up in a heap on the snow (all happened in a matter of split seconds) DISASTER i sat up and realised my collar bone was broken!

myCollarBoneBut could have been worse i suppose
and as the ski instructor who i asked where doctors was joked its only a bone better than a broken heart - ha not much sympathy eh... but after a while i thought nothing i can do about it now and he was probably right. Couldn't help thinking that it was murphys law - anything that can go wrong will go wrong... because as soon as it happened i knew i'd have to delay the first part of my south american trip. Probably wasn't the wisest idea to go snowboarding a week prior to heading off on a round the world trip.

I didn't let it ruin the holiday completely but was bit of a pain and missed 2 days on the slopes - later heard both leddy and murphy had bad crashes on the same section of the course

Few pics of holiday:



February 13, 2008
that was a good ice-breaking story to start off with....
February 14, 2008
Humm -- you really must be bored... Good job all the same
February 15, 2008
yeah well mixture of boredom and keeping my mind off the fact i should be in rio at the mo...
March 4, 2008
Jesus are you STILL here ;)
May 20, 2008
Hey, you really missed out! U haven't been in my bar then!! So for all of u! There is a little wooden bar next to the cafe Treff its called The Stadltreff or Angie's! Next time come and visit me!!! Have fun...
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