Recuperating from broken collar bone

February 26, 2008 - Dundalk, Ireland

Yes i should have been in south america two weeks at this stage and its a bit annoying that i'll miss out on seeing brazil and uruguay - i'm still at square one waiting on my broken bone to mend which just takes bit of time

The hassle of sorting out changing flights and claiming from insurance is bit of a pain
but it hasn't been all bad a few weeks chilling out before heading off and basically been forced to do very little - but have started learning a little spanish and been reading a good book 'Bury my heart a wounded knee' which is very good (history of native americans between 1860 - 1890 from there point of view) also interesting since i'll be going to south america where similar colonisation by european settlers occurred

Anyways - just making a quick journal entry for now next one will be from buenos aires - where I fly out to on the 11th of march - so will be there for paddy's day which will interesting to see - seen as there is a large irish diaspora there



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Adrian Britton:
March 12, 2008
Good luck Mr. Kerr, ur finally on the road so no country is safe now!!! Take it easy man and keep us updated, and no more of them Kerr Zaytoon specials!!!
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