Buenos Aires

March 18, 2008 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Woohooo south america at last
Am finally On the Road whoop whoop (ha sean did u spot the cunning jack kerouac literay reference) Buenos Aires and the milhouse hostel have been a good place to start off the back packing experience - have had a great time so far

I'll complete this tomorrow as can't use skype in this internet cafe to ring home so just going to use one of the lng distance phones plus we're going for a top argentinian steak dinner in ten minutes... and my belly can't wait either

That was one tasty steak dinner think it was the best steak i've ever had no lie - mixture of meat sweats and sheer taste bud joy plus  few glasses of local red wine brilliant - Anyways enough about my dinner last nite

Ok story so far headed off to buenos aires with my collar bone at about 60% i'd say with my rickety luggage wheels and rucksack in tow - landed first day after 12 hour flight from madrid with me due to meet the other lads in couple of days - the culture shock wasn't too extreme as buenos aires is very european and quite like home in a way - with its own definite non european unique charm - but the language barrier hit me for six (all them hrs of listening to spanish cds (well a couple of hrs anyways) went out the window as soon as i stepped off the plane it seems) totally drew a blank and was reduced to the old point and mumble technic

wasn't really feeling like making the effort with fellow backpackers in hostel first nite - but within a few mins down in the communal area was chatting to big group of ones multiple nationalities (few irish too the irish definitely punch above our weight in numbers of backpackers in hostels per head of population - one of the lads from kildare was good craic - bit of irish humour is hard to beat) craic was good and headed out later with few from hostel - got the whole backpacking experience off to good start - loads of people on similar but differing itineries/journeys over next couple of days did bit of exploring around the city beautiful spot mad traffic at times but lovely streets and the recoletta is one of the nicest places of any city i've seen

lads landed two days later and was good to finally catch up with them after missing the first 4 weeks - so we all headed out to a trendy club with a foam party - of course myself and niall and one of the girls who we'd met whose from donegal actually ploughed straight in (the other lads probably wisely kept dry ha)- of course getting drenched in the process just meant we had to dance like loons to dry off afterwards (but as i said at the time when in foam...) also that weekend went to a local River Plate versus Racing (buenos aires derby) futbol match quality of play wasn't great but atmosphere was something else - would love to see river versus boca juniors but won't be around when its on so

Another few days of site seeing around buenos aires seeing the italian artistic district in la boca and evita's grave etc - people where very friendly in buenos aires i have to say now few dodgy characters but strangely not intimadating (in my opinion anyways)

Oh yeah we also where in buenos aires for paddys day - the locals love it theres a street with about 5- 10 irish bars on it that is blocked off and crowds gather there for it - i was interviewed on camera for argentinian tv so i'm somewhat of a celeb round these parts now (yeah right) but it kinda reminded me of that ad on tv at home around now - so your from ireland... do something irish... you like guinness... sing a song about st patricks ( i had been halfing thinking of singing a christy moore song for them or something but none about st patrick sprang to mind... i'll put it down to abit of a case of lost in translation i suppose 

Then we headed off today to Rosario going to get some spanish lessons in somewhere away from buenos aires and make our way up towards the iguazu falls via santa fe and cordoba then back down to buenos aires before flying south

I've been very impressed with buenos aires now i must say and wouldn't agree fully with the lonely planet description as a european style city with a third world twist and seen similar evidence of poverty in san francisco when i was there which is about as first world as it gets (although there is more graffiti here)


March 20, 2008
I always knew you'd be a tv star. Sounds brilliant, but I'm confused about there being more gravity there than in San Fran. Does this make your bag heavier?

Boom boom.
March 20, 2008
Glad to hear you are enjoying the trip so far. I'm Sorry your wheels are rickety after you spending so much on them! No moans about the collar bone, does that mean its better?

March 21, 2008
Argentinian steak and a River Plate atmosphere, class! but that bullock must have been one of the many diaspora over there!!!
March 22, 2008
Ha yeah well spotted there megs it was a typo meant to graffiti
March 25, 2008
Cant believe you dont know any st patrick songs!! How's the shoulder holding up? Where are the pictures?? (i know what you mean about them dodgy argentinian characters - I saw mascherano playing at the weekend there) :-p
March 25, 2008
The south american tv star ha??, you'll be like that fat lad from chips out there in no time.
Surprsie u didn't belt out a few RA songs Kerr, the argies would have loved that!!!
Deirdre Kelly:
March 26, 2008
Well Brian,
Delighted you finally made it over and are having a great time!! Impressed with the site you must work in computers or something ;-) Why didn't you sing flash gordon leprechaun stylee you'll know for the next time!

take it easy & chat soon
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