March 30, 2008 - Rosario, Argentina

We went to rosario after buenos aires - buses, travel and hostels where very busy because of the easter holidays (which seem to be major holidays over here) and all the hostels we tried to book in advance where booked out - but we decided to head up and look for a place on spec - so on landing it was bit of hassle trying to find a place - we ended up getting into a newly opened hostel of sorts on the edge of town - run by two young lads and one of there girlfriends - it was funny as think we where there first ever customers to arrive and they where very enthusiastic about the whole thing - rosario was a sleepy enough town (even though it still had population of nearly a million) it was very popular with argentinians who where getting out of buenos aires for the weekend - and the hostel filled up fairly quickly - so it was good to get chatting more to a few locals they're sound - not much to write home about the couple of days in rosario really - it was the birth place of che guevara and had an impressive monument dedicated to the liberation/creation of the nation but other than that it was bit boring i thought - beautiful women nice weather and few beaches on the river (imported sand - but the water stinked and didn't entice you to go in when you see big oil tankers going down the river a few hundred metres away - so all in all it was the worst beach ever) - hostel was good craic though and it had free table tennis and pool so we took advantage of that even though i was still struggling at stretching my arm for taking awkward shots - over the few days it was difficult to handle the language barrier at times and decided definitely needed to do some spanish lessons. Our last nite in the hostel the owners where having a kind of celebration and were getting everyone to spray paint message/name on the wall so we left our mark - we stayed a bit longer than we should of i thought but was bit of chilling out after the big city of buenos aires

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