April 2, 2008 - Resistencia, Argentina

Ok sorry for leaving ya's on a cliff hanger like that - story was that when went to leave Cordoba there was no buses going anywhere because of the strike and it was mainly cordoba that was being effected apparently as it's right smack bang in the middle of some of the country's best farm land - but after going from desk to desk asking "Tienen el autobus a santa fe hoy" (do you have bus to santa fe today - i think it means anyways) or other such broken spanish sentences - and getting varying responses from blank looks to really fastly spoken responses - usually could get the gist by watching facial expressions that they had none - after a while we realised that pretty much no buses where going east as the roads where blocked. so we made a decision to head north to resistencia as it was on the way iguazu falls - and one bus company seemed to willing to brave the road blocks

So we hopped on a bus that night. The journey itself was hilarious i thought - meant to take 10 hours but took nearly 18 and involved a number of u-turns at various road blocks on roads that weren't big enough to do u-turns on in a bus and then going for miles down bumpy dirt tracks that where only wide enough for one vehicle - loads of stops at road blocks one at which i heard the bus driver joking to a protestor that the bus had "no carnes o leche" (meat or milk) on board.

Anyways we finally made it to the little town of resistencia - it had alot of poverty but some nice streets - taxi driver from bus tried to rip us off but we where having none of it. Resistencia is self titled the city of sculptures as the town as over 350 sculptures in various locations around the city centre - not much to see or do other than that, so got a few snaps of sculptures to give yee an idea then we just chilled out and watched some of the champions league matches on tv. It was very cheap for everything there and was kinda off the beaten track view of part of argentina - we just stayed the one night and got a night bus to puerto iguazu the next night.

Ps i know yee are waiting for photos and had planned to upload them now but the machine i'm on has no usb port so it will have to wait

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April 7, 2008
Your excuses are starting to run weak with the photos! I'm starting to think you're not in south america at all...

"usted tiene autobús al FE de santa hoy"
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