Iguazu falls (Puerto Iguazu)

April 6, 2008

After resistencia we made our way up to the iguazu falls which is right on the border with brazil and paraguay - we had booked into a hostel that had come highly recommended to us by other travellers - and when we landed we could see why it had a pool and was very big and spacious - so we had a couple of nites there relaxing by the pool and swimming (which helped my collar bone recovery a bit) and the lads where able to play football with few locals and other backpackers - altho i wanted to play i decided not too risk it (hopefully it'll be last time i'm restricted by my injury though) but the hostel was a bit isolated and out of town and theres only so much lounging you can do by a pool before it gets extremely boring plus the hostel was almost too chilled out and wasn't much life about it at times

We went to the falls on the saturday and I have to admit it was probably best thing i've done/seen since i came to south america - we spent a full day there and did and boat trip up under the water falls right into the spray of the water until we got drenched with everyone egging the boat driver on to go closer - crazy stuff but brilliant and you know they've done it hundreds of times before and your probably not as close as it seems - have no video or photo footage of it though as camera would have got drenched or washed away then we did and trip down rapids in a speed boat (well semi rapids i'm sure i'll get to do proper ones somewhere else during the trip in an inflatable boat - but it was good all the same)

The views of the water falls where amazing and really put you into top form plus the spray back up and shear power of the devils throat part of the falls is amazing

Other than that we had just a few days getting a bit of sun in before heading back to buenos aires and then onto ushaia which i think is around 4 degrees C at the moment so will be quiet different 

Plus i've added a link at the side to my photos on picasa so you can check them out there 

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April 14, 2008
Nice one! You've got some good pictures there. The falls look class...
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