Ushuaia and Buenos Aires Part II

April 10, 2008 - Ushuaia, Argentina

Greetings from the 'Fin del mundo' the (end of the world) as they call everything down here in ushuaia.


After leaving iguazu falls we had another interesting bus journey in which the bus broke down with engine trouble and was stopped at customs checkpoints three times and boarded with passport checks and bag searches each time which delayed the bus by about 3 hours so it seems lately that there is never a dull journey from A to B in south america so far (by bus at least)

On arriving in buenos aires we stayed in the palermo area of the city which is a nice area and out of the city centre a bit so we got to see somewhere else in the city - managed to arrive off the delayed bus just in time to watch liverpool beat arsenal in a cracking champions league tie in the hostel - great stuff altogether ha! Not that much to report from this three days in buenos aires - except tried sushi for the first time and it was fairly tasty i must say (not a south american renound dish i know) other than that got few things organised like laundry (the shorts won't be needed for a while) and other boring things like that

Next it was onto Ushuaia - This was the start of the leg of the journey i am most looking forward to from the tip of south america right up to quito over nearly 5 months covering widely varying climates snow to deserts mountains and vineyards surfing beaches and treks and hiking to glaciers and in national parks - i.e. plenty of chance to get in loads of outdoorsy activities 

Ushuaia is in tierra del fuego (which means Land of Fire and was named by magellan as on his voyage around the tip of south america he noticed a number of fires - which we're set by the native inhabitants at the time for some reason). As i mentioned before there is plenty of reference to fin del mundo on signs and names of things - and this town is quite touristy mainly because of its geograpical location but also because of the national parks, beautiful scenery and close proximity to patagonia's famous treks and to the antartica, this is the starting point for most antartic expeditions and used to be the location of a prison which is now a pricey museum.

I have to say i quite like this town - it has a really nice atmosphere and the locals are friendly and humourous. This town reminds me a bit of a west of ireland with a back drop of snow capped peaks. Plus it helps we checked into a nice hostel in which we played pool and went to the local popular bar with the young owner (which happens to be an irish bar of which there are 3 in the town and its not that big a town).

We went to the Parque nacional Tierra del Fuego on one of the days during our stay and it was realtively pricey (but still not too bad a price - you gotta love that us dollar exchange rate) but it was very good got my first warm up hiking in - myself and shane headed straight up the most strenous hike in the national park which went to the summit of a mountain (Cerro Guanaco) - and they didn't lie with the rating it was tough going but very enjoyable and we it was knee deep snow at times with no other tracks ahead of us in the snow on the last leg of trek - so all we really had was the yellow stick markers to keep us in line - the day was bright and sunny and views where class - and hopefully it'll stand me in good stead for some of the 3 or 4 days treks we plan to do over the next 4 weeks.

Ushuaia is a class town well worth a visit and its just coming into there mid autumn here and the leaves on trees are turning - we are here kind of between the peaks seasons tourist wise - there summer is better for penguin and widllife spotting whilst winter (june to september) its popular for skiing and snowboarding.

Another bit of interesting trivia for you - Ushuaia is at a similar distance from the equator to that of ireland (ireland is 53 degrees North - Ushuaia is 54 degrees 49 minutes South)


April 22, 2008
Where do you get them bits of interesting near trivia? And how come we don't have penguins in Ireland??

You got out of Buenos Aires at the right time by the looks of it with all them fires! Suspicious...
April 29, 2008
I am interested in subscribing to your blog. I find it straaaaaangely intriguing!
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