May 25, 2008 - Valparaíso, Chile

Next Stop after Pichilemu was to what is considered the cultural capital of Chile called Valparaiso this is the sea port of santiago and is set around a bay with hills in the background it is very colourful and has a set of famous elevator car lifts that take residents and tourists up and down the steep hills the town is built - these where built in the early 20th century when the town was extremely prosperous port and stop off for cargo ships that went around the Cape Horn (southern tip of south america) but it had a period of decline when the panama canal opened - but recently has had a revival mode and has alot of good night spots and restaurants - It is a fairly picturesque city and has really good feel to it - a big contrast to santiago!

We just did the touristy thing here and went on a spin up the elevator cars and took a few photos and sampled the nightlife with a big crowd of ones from the hostel which was good craic

Anyways we didn't stay here long as we are motoring our way through chile trying to make it to bolivia for end of may or 1st of june as we have to make it to cusco in peru by start of july to do the inca trail.

So next stop was another long bus journey away (25 hours or so with changeovers) enroute to the San Pedro de Attacama

(phew thats enough blogging for one day - ps I made 3 posts so just navigate to previous ones)

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May 27, 2008
Continues to be very interesting,Well done,We are all watching and waiting for the next item, also pictures good
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