June 8, 2008 - Sucre, Bolivia

After initially being stopped from travelling to Sucre and having to spend an extra day in potosi - We heard that there was buses running again and decided to continue with our original plan and head to Sucre and not straight to La Paz as we had been considering. When we arrived on the outskirts of the town the bus had to stop at a road block (with bonfires and lorries blocking the road - Bolivians are divided in opinions on president Evo Morales and there is alot of unrest around and alot of protesting on various issues) So we had to jump out and carry our bags past the blockade which was more funny than anything - alot of local entrepreneurial kids where offering wheel barrow services to carry bags for you - but the size of some of them i think my almost 15kg bag might have been a bit much for them.

Sucre itself is a nice town which was alot warmer than Potosi and Uyuni (it is at a lower altitude of somewhere around 2000 metres above sea level) Back to t-shirt and shorts climate at last(during the day at least) it had been a while! I don't have much background info on the place except that it was named after a General Sucre who along with Simon Bolivar helped found the state of bolivia.

We landed here hopeful of doing some activities (Quad biking and paragliding) and then we would head onto La Paz for my birthday and to catch back up with Shane. But of course nothing is ever straight forward in south america it seems and the Blockades and protests outside of town meant that there was no fuel for Quad biking, also the Paragliding location was outside of the blockades so we couldn't get doing that either.

But I have to say i really enjoyed the town of Sucre - the food was brilliant in some of the local restaurants and there was alot of backpackers in the town for a while doing spanish lessons as it was quite a good price per hour to do it here - we also bumped into alot of people we'd befriended in various different locations on our travels previously (from Ushuaia to Santiago) Also we met a good few irish ones here hailing from dublin, cavan, sligo, and fella from letterkenny who knows half me clann and who knew a few other donegal folk i met in Potosi a few days earlier called Sean McHugh from milford and his girlfriend Emer who knows Marie to see (and her boyfriend i.e Seamus) and her brothers Sean and James and also a few of my relatives. Niall joked on the fact that it seems everyone knows everyone in Donegal.

Also while we where in this town it became apparent that there would be no resolution to the protests/blockades before the weekend so we had to stay in Sucre for my birthday which ended up being really good craic - as we at this stage knew everyone in the hostel and had made friends with a local fella Luis who was the most enthusiastic and friendly person you'd ever meet to the point of almost mistrusting him and wondering what his story was (but figured it out i think - he said that when he hangs around with gringos he gets more attention for the local ladies haha so that made a bit more sense).

On the saturday we celebrated my birthday there was also a big street parade (which was obviously secretly in my honour ha) So we watched some euro footie in the morning and then went to the parade for a bit and later headed for a meal before heading out for drinks and to night club so was a good day all round . Also as what is now becoming a tradition on this trip after we made Niall wear an embarassing 'Gay looking' t-shirt the lads bought me a skin tight see through t-shirt to wear - although I still wore a shirt over it - the shirt came off a few times on the dance floor for the laugh. Bit of embarrassment on the birthday - Niall got his revenge!! But the ladies did love it so it wasn't all bad.

So thats all I have to report on sucre next we headed onto La Paz and to catch up with Shane again.


June 12, 2008
Skin tight see through t-shirt?? You're a brave man! I don't know whether I'll be able to take your sociopolitical corresponding seriously anymore... :)
June 14, 2008
sociopolitical corresponding haha
June 14, 2008
Hi brian, sounds like your having a whale of a time. Photos look amazing
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