Lake Titikaka, Copacabana, Isla del Sol

June 22, 2008 - Copacabana, Bolivia

Just a short entry for here as we didn't stay long!

We headed west from La Paz to Copacabana (not to be mistaken with the Rio de Janeiro beach) on the shores of Lake Titikaka for a short stop off on our way to Cusco in Peru for the festival of the sun (Inti Raymi) there on the 24th of June. Lake Titikaka is a nice lake high in the andes and you've guessed it - it's the highest lake in the world (or highest navigable lake in the world)

Copacabana is a small town thats quite touristy and lies on the shores of the lake we booked in to a hostel to chill out and do some of the touristy stuff - Niall stayed behind la paz as he had to try sort something out with a bank. Our first night there we headed out to a local restaurant where i got to try the local specialty Trucha (trout) caught fresh from lake.

The next morning i was the only taker for heading to Isla del Sol which has some inca ruins etc (Ger had seen it before and Shane wanted to lie in). So i got up and wandered around the island took a few snaps - encountered numerous locals being pushy trying to sell stuff along the way and had to pay for walking on a path around the island in three different locations although not very much really (bit too touristy for my liking) the island itself is nice and was sunny all day (as it name would suggest) but to be honest it wasn't that amazing and the inca ruins just looked like any stone outhouse you'd see from an old farm in ireland - and to boot i started feeling unwell and got sick and the boat journey back seemed like it took forever in my unwell state all i wanted was my bed!

A bought of food posioning or water bourne posioning i'm not quite sure but it hit me hard anyways - not sure if it was the tasty trout i had the night before - but i wouldn't like to recommend it too highly as its one of the suspects!

Not much else to report from Copacabana - except being under a duvet watching cable TV

Next was a 12 hour bus journey to Cusco with my digestive system in bits - an immodium or two and with a bit of luck i'd get through the journey ok... 

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