Puerto Lopez and Canoa

August 7, 2008 - Canoa, Ecuador

Ok just a short entry of some of the sites we seen up the coast of ecuador as we made a flying visit to Canoa via Puerto Lopez.

After leaving Montanita we left early in the morning and headed north to the small fishing town of Puerto Lopez and did a whale watching tour in which we got a great show of a big humpback whale and its baby jumping out of the water and slapping there side fins in the water as they spinned around (looked like they where having a great time - seemed like they where playing to me) our guide had been on the verge of heading back in just before that and other tourists we talked to didn't get as good a show so we were fortunate. We went with a cheap non official tour company (cheap and dangerous is our backpacking moto niall joked)

Puerto lopez is on the edge of Ecuadors only coastal national park called Machililla National Park and it covers the islands and sea as well as coastal rainforest (there is distinctive trees there called Capok or Ceiba trees - these have fat tree trunks)

We didn't stop for long in puerto lopez only for a few hours for the whale watching and some seafood we then jumped on another 4 buses a ferry and a taxi to get us to the beach town of Canoa further up the coast of ecuador here we only stayed a day and did a little bit more surfing on rented boards - I got a taste of short boarding on a 6ft 6 board its alot more hard work and and a bit more frustrating. That night after spending the day on the beach we headed back to the town of Bahia to get a night bus to our next destination of Banos back up in the andes.


August 18, 2008
Sounds great Brian, I guess you're just about set to leave south america now. Just caught up on your last 5 entries there - having returned from Donegal. You are certainly not missing much here... the whole country has been getting flooded the last two weeks!
August 23, 2008
Did you do that "bungi" jump, the one we saw you getting ready for?
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