Quito, Ecuador

August 18, 2008 - Quito, Ecuador

After leaving Banos we headed to the capital 0f Ecuador Quito, which lies in the central highlands of the of the andes just a few kilometers south of the equator. Quito is Ecuadors second largest city and was built on the site of a former Inca city that had been destroyed during the spanish colonialisation.

Quito is quite a modern developed city with more money flowing around it than i would have expected. We stayed in the touristy well developed area of the mariscal neighborhood in the hostel 'centro del mundo'.

It was the first weekend of the premiership football season starting back so we found an Irish bar to watch some football and also got to see my first match of this years All-Ireland Tyrone vs Dublin (in which Dublin once again choked great stuff!) It was good to see a little sport from home. Whilst in the pub i was chatting to a few people from Ireland and a fella from donegal for a hour before i realised that it was Felim (my cousin tommy's friend from letterkenny) small world!!

On the sightseeing front we went to the equator to a monument Mitad del Mundo where we got to take some photos of the equator line, stand in both hemispheres at once and also witness a big group of locals doign the macarena dance which was a bit random. We also visited the Inti Naan Museum that is built on the official Equator as calculated by GSM satelite (about 300 metres from the official moument). It had some cool displays of water swirling different directions either side of the of the equator plus you could balance an egg upright on a nail (well myself and Ger didn't manage it but the two other lads did) in another few exhibits we got to see some local snakes and spiders and a shrunken human head (a amazonian tribes trophy of war from 30 years ago ewww) Also we got to fire bloe darts - poison dart style and i was the only one to hit the target!

Other than that we just had a few nites out and went to a mongolian bbq restaurant for all you can eat - was top notch! But i realised in quito that the cotopaxi climb had taken more out of me than i thought as my energy levels where very low and i faded early to bed a few nights in a row.

Then on the morning of the 18th of August we left Quito for Costa Rica. That brought to an end the south american leg of my journey which i was a bit sad to leave as it is an amazing place and i had a great time there.

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