Costa Rica

August 25, 2008 - San José, Costa Rica

As we flew into San Jose in Costa Rica the plane had to circle for over an hour due to storms and bad weather around san jose airport - eventually we where cleared for landing and as we touched down you could see blue flashes fromn bolts of lightning out the window of the plane it was the rainy season in Costa Rica and this was our first taste of the tropical electricial storms that we would see for the next couple of days.

Also on our arrival we hadn't much research done on how to get to our preferred destination of the central/northern pacific coast from san jose and taxi's fromn the airport were shockingly expensive (we were not in south america any more!!). Our first night we made it over to a town called Punta Arenas on the eastern side of nicoya bay or inlet we had to stay here the night so we could get the ferry across the next morning - and we stayed in the dodgiest hostel/hotel we'd been in yet on our travels as it was getting late and we needed to find somewhere and we also getting hassled for money on the street by some dodgey characters.

Ther following morning we headed to montezuma on the pacific coast a lovely little coastal village in a remote hard to get to area of the coast. We relaxed there swam and body surfed in the powerful crashing waves (the water was the warmest sea water i've ever been in was like a heated pool). After a beautiful sunny morning on our first day there the afternoon/evening the clouds rolled in and then the tropical rain and electrical storms thundered down (heavier rain than i've ever seen in ireland (i know hard to believe) - this seems to be the pattern of weather in costa rica around that time of year.

As we only had 6 days to play with we headed on up the coast to San Teresa which is a small surfing/beach town - a really nice spot which i wouldn't have minded staying for longer in - I tried my hand at surfing here but the conditions weren't ideal with an onshore wind and the waves been close together. We rented a Toyota Rav4 jeep as travel along the coast of Costa Rica is difficult especially in rainy season where some of the roads are impassable as the rivers flowing across them are too high. So after spending one night in San Teresa we headed north the following evening to the coastal town of Samara with Ger driving as he had rented the Jeep with his driving licence and credit card - we drove in the evening and there was amazing electrical storms going on all around us in the night sky which was quite spectacular - we arrived quite late in Samara only to find all the accomodation was really expensive so we ended up sleeping (or trying to sleep) in the jeep down near the beach - the humidity/heat in the car was ridiculous and i had to get out a few times with my t-shirt literally dripping in sweat (not the best nights sleep i've ever gotten) - later that night/morning niall found me sleeping on a lump of wood down by the beach - but it wasn't all bad as after bit of breakfast we all washed away the groggyness with an early morning dip followed by some snoozing on the sandy beach and then we rented some surf boards for a bit of surfing on the small waves on the beach (anyways after the expense of renting the jeep saving a bit of money on accomodation wasn't a bad thing for the budget).

After chilling out on the beach for a few hours we headed north yet again to the town of Tamarindo which is a big tourist destination for american tourists - with lots of expensive hotels and restaurants (but of course we made a beeline straight for the backpackers accomodation in the center of the town with its hot a sticky mosquito infested dorm (who quite like feasting on my exotic blood it seems).

Tamarindo had some nice beaches near by and there was a really colourful sunset on the first night we arrived there unfortunately I was in swimming at the time and didn't have my camera with me. Other than that Tamarindo didn't impress me that much - we went out to sample the night life after the week of just taking it easy on beaches - but it was a very posey kinda crowd and there wasn't much craic really.

So next we headed back to san jose to catch our flight to mexico city.

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September 18, 2008
You will remember Costa Rica for many different reasons.
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