October 4, 2008 - Nadi, Fiji

 After leaving Honolulu two days late we only had 2 and 1/2 days in Fiji so with this short amount of time we wouldn't have enough time to visit the Islands and we just stayed in a beach resorthostel called Smugglers Cove near Nadi.

While we where here we just played a free round of Golf for a day near the hostel and although none of us where any shakes it was a good way to spend a day. The course we played on was the course the famous golfer Vijay Singh (from fiji) grew up playing and caddying on, in the club house his name was down for having won a few of the clubs open championships - so if the course was good enough for Vijay it was good enough for us ha! Also we practically had the whole course to ourselves which suited us as weren't the quickest getting around since we had to share 2 sets of clubs between the four of us!

That night back at the hostel we got the opportunity to join in a kava ceremony (which i had read about on the inflight magazine en route to fiji). Kava is the National Drink of Fiji - its not alcoholic but made from the root of a tree/shrub that grows on the islands. Although its not alcohol it has intoxicating effects, but its not very strong and just makes you kinda sleepy and has a bitter slightly numbing taste. The Ceremony is just people sitting on mats around a wooden bowl that has kava in it and playing music every now and again taking a drink of kava - kind of like a Trad session in Ireland to be honest. I was nominated the chief (well after the original fella left after a few minutes) so I had to drink first and everyone in the circle followed one by one then music and songs and chat for about half an hour or so and then another round - you had to cheer Bula before you drank and then everyone had to clap three times and said 'maddar' (not sure about spellings) when someone finished (very touristy I know - but supposedly this was the ritual). Initally it was all tourists gathered around with our local host - but a few left and then later a few locals and other musicians joined in, niall also played a few songs on the guitar as well. It was a bit of fun and something different plus it was a taste of the famous fijian hospitality and friendliness as some of the locals who we had just met bought us some beer and didn't want anything in return.  

So that brought to an end part I of my travels next stop Sydney and looking for a Job!!


James Kerr:
October 20, 2008
So far so good! You seem to have enjoyed everything so far. Heres hoping things go well for you in Australia. Part 2 will just be as good as part 1!!
October 21, 2008
Thanks dad
November 6, 2008
Nothing happening down under??
November 7, 2008
No stories or photos of Australia?
November 10, 2008
I put up a few photos there and will update my blog over the next few days
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