Sydney for St. Patricks Day + year away from home!

March 18, 2009 - Sydney, Australia

It once again has been a while since my last blog entry - but the main reason being that i've been staying put in the one spot for the last while and not having as many new sites and experiences to report on.

In the last month and a half I have finally gained a proper non casual labour job - working as a consultant on a internet banking software project for CBA bank in sydney city centre - the fact that i'd worked on the very internet banking architecture in my first software job in dublin as a graduate was definitely a key factor in me getting the job. (So I kinda had a bit of luck in the midst of the global economic difficulties and when it had looked like the fact i'm on working holiday visa was going against me in other job applications)

I was glad to get the job and hang up my furniture  removalist hat - my back was just begining to ache a little every now and then and unpacking them sea freight crates was a killer... pianos and safes have to be the heaviest fecking household items I certainly won't miss lifting them thats for sure!

I had to get my head down for getting back into office/IT work and using my brain again! (prob a good thing as it was getting a bit lazy I reckon) As it had been around a year since I had worked in that line of work and it was straight in at the deep end with a imminent release of a new version/upgrade to the internet banking product/service for the banks 5 million or so customers. It was very busy with alot of overtime and some weekend work needed to get it out the door.

But it hasn't been all work and no play. Since I wrote last there has been a number of festivals in around sydney including the Chinese New Year parade (with alot of colour fireworks and them cool swirling dragons on sticks dancing around which i'd only ever seen on tv before) Also Mardi Gras is a big event here - with the biggest Mardi Gras parade outside of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil with 200 - 300 thousand people at it - it has been kidnapped abit by the gay community here in sydney - so you wouldn't want to be too homophobic going to it - but actually seemed to be mainly beautiful women in attendance in hyde park (centre of the city) which wasn't half bad! St Patricks day is also just passed - much the same as at home - a big parade alot of Irish flags and people wearing green and Irish pubs packed to the rafters and blaring out Irish music - it was good craic and with the amount of Irish accents around you'd swear you where at home.

Another big event over the last month or two was the Australian open Tennis - when it seems the whole country goes tennis mad for two weeks - pretty good tournament with Federrer losing the Rafa Nadal in a gripping final. I haven't been at the sea or surfing much - truth be told I get to the sea more often in Ireland - plus there has been 4 or so shark attacks on the main beaches around sydney in the last few weeks - mainly on surfers too - so kinda puts you off going in. But it hasn't kept me completely away from the sea as I was out with few friends to Coogee beach swimming and playing ball one scorcher of a saturday afternoon.

Over the last month and half/two months Australia has been hit by bad bushfires particularly down in Victoria near melbourne where entire villages have been burnt to the ground by fast moving fire spread by strong winds and extended dry and heat wave conditions with alot of people losing there lives.

Other than that its been a year since I left home on the 11th of March 2008 - quite a long time to be away - it's been a good year and i've seen and done a lot but I was definitely a little homesick when I realised it was the anniversary of my departure.

My plan for the next while - hopefully i'll get my contract renewed in the job after the inital 6 weeks trial period (I reckon I will though) But if i don't its not the end of the world and i'll just head up the east coast seeing some of the sites.  

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James Kerr:
April 2, 2009
Yes its been a long time since your last blog,but its just every bit as informative and keeping us in the picture!
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