Moving on from Sydney

May 3, 2009 - Sydney, Australia

Ok since I last wrote a blog entry I worked for 2 months in an IT contract job - which has since finished up. So then it was decision time! what to do - look for another job / travel up the east coast of Australia / move to melbourne for a while to work there / or head over to new zealand for a few weeks to look around.

But as part of finishing up my Contract Job I had a meeting with consultancy crowd who I worked for and expressed an interest in any work they going based in melbourne as they had a melbourne office (kill two birds with the one stone - see bit more of the country but still save some dough) - and being the jammy so and so that I am I got a role starting down in melbourne pretty much straight away on the same money I was on in sydney - and I didn't even have to do another interview - as i had a recommendation from their Sydney office (definitely my kinda interview process!). Also with the negative news from home on this old Global Financial Crisis lark and with alot of irish backpackers strugglling to find work - it was just good to have a job I suppose!

On the much loved Irish topic of weather - over the last few weeks of april in Sydney the weather had gotten at times cold, windy and wet (well relatively speaking) And it gets dark around 5.30pm - the onset of autumn/winter taking hold - but you still get days with temperatures around 21-24 degrees!!

For easter I had a few days off work - a 4 day weekend as Good friday is a public holiday here for everyone - they celebrate easter pretty much the same as at home - a chocolate fest with a big sunday dinner on Easter Sunday. A few of the ones in my apartment and the apartment below in us in our building (all backpackers) got a job in the Easter Show out in the Sydney Olympic park - working as carnies on stalls/rides in the fun fair for 2 weeks. The Show is just like a big version of the Spring Show in the RDS (or for any dubs reading this - that culchie show in the RDS in the springtime). Of course I had to go along to have a good laugh at all the lads working as carnies haha!  

Also a week or so after easter there is a national commeration day on the 25th of April called ANZAC day (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) which commerates the battle of Gallipoli in Turkey in World War 1 when troops from this part of the world fought and suffered many casualties in military operations for their countries.  On this day in NSW (New South Wales) all pubs / bars are allowed to have a betting game called Two-Up played which is a game the troops played in the trenches to entertain themselves - Its a simple betting game where you bet on the outcome of the toss of two coins flipped at same time (heads/tails) In some pubs they play with three coins to guarantee an outcome and speed up the game. You bet money and someone in the pub matches your bet for the opposite outcome - and so people win a lose money! I missed out on playing it though as i had been at the beach and by the time I landed into meet niall and shane and the lads it was over as by law it is only played up until 6pm (prob not a bad thing sounds like an easy way to lose money quick!!)

Also myself and Ginley got to go and see probably my favourite comedian - Dylan Moran in the Sydney Opera house (who was there as part of the sydney comedy festival) - Class show!! Plus it was a bonus to see the inside of the opera house - there is two auditoriums/venues in the building and the acoustics are top notch.

In my last few days in sydney I finally made it out to Manly beach which is a pretty nice spot  - kinda like a beachside village in the city (you have to take a ferry out through Sydney harbour to get to it also which is worth the spin in it self) Wasn't exactly beach weather - but the lightning storm on the horizon was interesting - I should have went out sooner and during the summer! 

I think it felt like it was time for me to move on from Sydney for the last couple of weeks I was there. I enjoyed my time there and met some sound people including some of my flatmates who passed through over the few months (Boland, Ginley, Mickey, Cally, Laura, Ultan, Vinny, Deirdre, Stevo, Briany, Nicola, The french lads (stve remy, fabian and Aude) and the Estonian connection Rene and Dave and all , Shuziki and Clare) As you can see there was a few comings and goings over the few months - which kept it interesting but not a place you'd wanna settle for too long really! Sydney is a nice town - very asthetically pleasing on the eye but I never felt like it was my kind of town really. (but I guess I would've preferred non city centre living)

So next it was onto Melbourne!! I packed my bags and moved down to start my new 6-8 week contract role after the obligatory leaving nite out with people I knew from Sydney of course. Once more On the Road...

P.S - I would like to thank my cousin John logan for being a good point of contact for me when I landed over to Sydney first and also for allowing me to use his house as my post box! It reminds me of the value of family - Thanks a million John! It was much appreciated!


June 28, 2009
Hey Brian, Just been catching up on your latest news.. sounds like you're having a great time. It's good to hear they get cold & wet weather down under too :) You had a chance watch any of the Lions matches? I just watched them losing the 2nd test, some stupid mistakes at the end of what was otherwise a great game. All the best, Clive
June 30, 2009
Alright Clive,

Yeah the winter here in melbourne is much like Ireland in spring or autumn temperature wise (bit drier and more settled weather though) Yeah I seen the two lions matches - two good games but lions have come away with nothing in the end! Hows things In belfast these days?

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