McCall, ID

June 28, 2010

Three hours from Lewiston on Highway 55.  Stayed June 25 to June 27 at Brundage Bungalows one mile from downtown McCall.  $119 per night, could have been cheaper with more advance notice as less expensive cabins were already booked.  Town is immaculate and in great condition.  High end real e state and vehicles.  Lardo's Restaurant in town reasonably priced and great burgers.  ~$10 for martini and draft beer.  Paul's supermarket open until 11 PM (at least during Summer).  Lots of cafes and pubs and outdoor recreation stores.  Hot springs at Gold Fork OK.  Will go back and visit others.  Hike to Hum Lake was on the uphill for 1.5 miles but worth it - hike began at elevation of over 6,000 ft.  Visit to Cascade Lake nice.  Donnely small.  New Meadows small - had breakfast on the way home @ Granite Montain Cafe.


On the way to Gold Fork Hot Springs
Stream along hiking trail to Hum Lake

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June 28, 2010
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